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Mergers And Yak-Quisitions

Harry is assuring Pete that he's going to be fine, as with Peterson gone and Ken off servicing Chevrolet, everything else is going to fall to him. Pete's worried about Cutler, but Harry complains about his new, shittier office before Clara comes in with news of another phone call from he-knows-who -- there's been a fire. I was going to say I hope Dot knew better than to put it out with her gin and tonic, but then I realized she'd rather burn than give up a G&T. Pete storms out past Clara, leaving Harry quietly to ask if it's Trudy, but Clara quickly shakes her head before withdrawing as well.

Lying post-coitally in bed (I'm guessing, but for all I know, he ordered her to do a round of calisthenics instead), Sylvia says that she doesn't know what it is -- she doesn't want to think about anything. Wish I currently had that luxury. Don asks who told her she was allowed to think -- yawn -- before informing her that he's flying upstate, and when he comes back, he wants her ready. She agrees, but he tells her he's taking her paperback too, and there have been about a billion Fifty Shades Of Grey jokes on the internet this week, but the show's on its hands and knees begging for them. At least that's thematic, I guess.

Moira comes into Ted's office and asks if he has a moment for Clara; as soon as it's established who she is, Ted nods, and Clara enters and informs him that Pete had an emergency and Don's out, so she wants to reschedule the meeting. Ted, however, already unimpressed with SCDP professionalism, tells her there's no way, and then at least Don appears and asks if Ted's ready to go. When he hears what's going on, Don wonders when Pete can join them, adding that it's raining pretty hard, but Ted tells him they should go immediately, and once they're above the clouds, everything will be great. Don looks like he believes that no quite so much, but he started this game... he can't really back out, even though in the plane, he looks like most people do when they drink a case of Canadian Club in an afternoon. I'm not convinced that a tiny plane such as this would get clearance to take off in such a heavy storm, but once again, neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night stays these metaphors from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. In that vein, with Ted and Don highlighting their differences by sitting so close they're practically in each other's lap, I'm not sure where they would have fit Pete anyway, unless they were going to strap him to a wing, which I admit would have been fun to see. Anyway, when Don loses his cool, he really loses it -- he couldn't look more scared if Ted suddenly addressed him as "Dick Whitman," but then they get above the clouds and it's a sunny day! Nothing's gonna stop them now! They stood this storm together! Not that Don isn't still shaken, and Ted twists the knife: "Sometimes when you're flying, you think you're right-side-up but you're really upside-down." Heh. Don takes out Sylvia's book -- it's The Last Picture Show, and I have to give it a nod for being made into one of my all-time favorite films. Less good is, when Ted brings up what Don might say to Mohawk, Don conceding the round by admitting it's irrelevant: "No matter what I say, you're the guy who flew us up here in his own plane." I'm not convinced Don would give Ted the satisfaction by saying this out loud, but I suppose I shouldn't look for reasons not to enjoy a good Don Draper defeat.

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