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Mergers And Yak-Quisitions

We return to a close-up of a bowl that's collecting the drips from a leak in the ceiling, and the stuff looks like it melted from the New York snow Kim Carnes would sing about years later. Joan, still looking ashen and uncomfortable, is sitting in a waiting area when Benson returns with a Coke for her and the news that her babysitter agreed to stay, but he couldn't get hold of her mother, so he's not leaving. Joan realizes she's probably still in the Catskills, and I'm very happy for Gail that she's getting out of the house, even if it means she has to field constant reminders to try the fish. After Benson offhandedly lets us know he's unattached, Joan worries about Kevin's fate should anything happen to her, and Benson tries to assure her it's just food poisoning, but another stab of pain prompts Joan to demur, and Benson can't take any more and leads Joan up to the counter. The older nurse on duty at first refuses to look up so steadfastly you'd think she was on the subway, but Benson is undeterred as he tells her he's like really really dumb, and their problem is something he's totally sure she could handle with her "medical expertise" -- you see, Joan drank some furniture polish by accident, as she wasn't wearing her glasses. This gets the woman's attention, and she's like, you do need to see a doctor, as if everyone else in there only ingested Windex. Joan immediately gets escorted to a bed...

...while Sylvia, having changed into the dress, is reading (is that ALLOWED?) in the chair when Don finally returns. After some talk about the outfit, she grabs her purse and asks where they're going, but he tells her they're not going anywhere -- she's for him. "You exist in this room for my pleasure." I don't really know how to explain further how this isn't working for me, but he's unconvincing enough that it's like he's checking in with her every few seconds all "See what I'm doing? Getting off on this?" It's like the bondage version of him being all gaga over Megan tasting the orange sherbet. Sylvia uncertainly asks if they're going to eat, but he tells her to take off all her clothes, and after considering a moment, she complies, eventually somewhat getting into making a show of it...

...and then Don's climbing into bed with a sleeping Megan, having proved... that he can accurately measure a woman's dress size by eye, I suppose. That I would already have believed.

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