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Mergers And Yak-Quisitions
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In his home elevator, Don presses the "lobby" button, but the car stops on a different floor -- that of Rosen and Sylvia. There are a couple bags in front of the elevator, so apparently Rosen summoned the elevator and then returned to the apartment to fight with his wife, which actually isn't that credible at all -- she's been a surgeon's wife for how long, and now that Don's within earshot she's conveniently flipping out? -- not to mention the fact that having grown up in an apartment building it still drive me bazoo whenever people ring for the car before they're actually ready to go. It's a civic nuisance almost on par with parking on a curb that can fit two people in such a manner that you block anyone else from joining. Anyway, speaking of not credible, Sylvia is shrieking about Rosen going to Minnesota and how he doesn't take care of her even though he pretends to or some such nonsense, and given how distractingly artificial everything in the scene is, it's not helping that we're not even hearing Rosen's responses. It's obviously a cost-saving measure so they don't have to pay Brian Markinson, but voice work alone isn't that expensive, and it would at least bring the scene up a little bit to make it sound like Sylvia isn't just running lines like she's Megan. Don eavesdrops for a bit but hastily presses the "close" button when it "sounds" like Rosen might be heading out...

...whereupon we cut to a pair of feet walking as jaunty music plays, and then we pan up -- not too far -- to reveal Chaough, a satisfied smile on his face. We see via the wall clock that it's 9:20 AM, and Peggy comes bustling in behind Chaough with a box of stuff in her hands. They chat a bit as they walk, but Peggy stops at the Creative door to say hello to "everyone" -- that being Stan, Ginzo, and the older woman -- and to introduce them to Ted. Yes, "Ted" -- he's in too many scenes now for me to keep spelling "Chaough" out all the time. Speaking of first names, Stan FINALLY gives us a name for the older woman -- "Margie" -- and Ted tells them it's nice to put faces with names.

While I'm here, I might as well point out that Stan seems friendly enough to Peggy, not that I really expected him to hold a grudge. That's mostly because I think he's doing enough drugs that he doesn't remember why he should, but still. Ginzo, in that inimitable straight delivery that makes you unsure enough that you can't quite accuse him of shade, tells Ted that when he saw him taking a tour the other week, he looked pretty tall, "but now I see you're about my height!" Hee. In case it's not clear on screen, they're both teeny. Not a deal-breaker for either one. Ted comes right back -- "I hope you can still look up to me" -- and Stan is rightly impressed with the quick bon mot. After a few more pleasantries, Peggy and Ted take off, whereupon Margie snarks, "Nice knowin' ya." Seems unfair what happens later, but she kind of does it to herself with that one.

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