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Speaking of which, when Peggy enters the Creative room, Megan starts to tell her she has an announcement. Peggy's stony expression cracks when Megan's face breaks and when she asks if Megan's okay, Megan tells her she's not going to be working there anymore. Realizing how hard this is for her, Peggy barks at the oblivious Stan and Ginzo to listen up and once she has their attention, Megan informs them of her news. Ginzo, in his crest-the-ridge voice: "Did he fire you? That son of a bitch!" Easy, tiger. Megan laughs at the conclusions to which everyone's jumping and explains that she's going back to acting; Stan thinks she's joking, but she sagely notes that she'd better get used to that reaction. Ginzo then comes up with a typical WTF question about whether wardrobe is provided for the actors and Megan's like, "I'll let you know when I book something." The boys then bid her a warm farewell and sit back to watch the rest, as Megan hands over her folders to Peggy; Peggy, with the obvious many emotions playing over her face, asks Megan if she's sure about this, but Megan answers by way of telling Peggy how much she appreciates everything she's done for her "and not just yesterday." I'm sure the boys are wondering what THAT might be referring to; Stan's mind in particular is probably going to some predictably sensual places. Megan, with a last watery look, says she should go see Joan and heads out. Peggy looks proud of Megan as she opines that what she's doing takes a lot of guts and then Ginzo complains about how Megan's borrowed like fifteen bucks from him for lunches, and now he won't get it back. "What am I gonna do, ask Don?" He speculates that that's why she left and I kind of admire the fact that he's being completely serious, but Stan tells him what's what: "Reality got her. You work your ass off for months, bite your nails, for what? Heinz Baked Beans." Peggy looks like that one's hitting her where she lives, although it could just be that the mention of Heinz automatically causes her to look vaguely sour.

Pete enters, apparently later than usual, and Harry follows him into his office with the Megan news. Pete exhibits no surprise and when Harry asks about Don, Pete sniffs, "They do whatever they want. Even to Draper." Jeeze Pete, the old "We're all unwilling victims of the vagina" position? You really are regressing before our eyes. Harry, unsurprisingly, is relieved at the idea that he won't have to worry about Megan reporting the bonehead things he says to Don, but when Pete goes on about women and their games, Harry wonders, "Trudy pregnant again?" Heh. Pete brings up the photos from space and asks if they make Harry feel small, but Harry, embracer of his own hormones that he is, merely replies that Jennifer takes care of that... and by the way, he's not small. Pete: "Save it for your convention whores." Seconded. Harry, however, eventually realizes that Pete's complaints about women have nothing to do with either Megan or Trudy and when Pete asks why they get to decide what's going to happen, Harry simply replies, "They just do." For all the shit I give him, Harry does seem happy and his ability to accept what is probably has a lot to do with it.

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