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I Am Become Death

Don's asleep in bed when Megan, after steeling herself, wakes him. And as if we didn't already think this was going to be a pivotal moment in their marriage, the setup is reminiscent enough of Betty waking Don back in "A Night To Remember" to drive the point home. Don stirs and asks what's wrong and Megan, after taking a breath, confesses she lied to him. She tells him about the audition and he doesn't seem particularly put out, but wonders if she lies to him often. She's relieved to be able to tell him no truthfully and gushes that even though she didn't get the part, the experience was incredible and while she knows she's rusty and needs to resume her studies, she misses acting. Don thinks this is about the Cool Whip ad and tells her they can't be in it because it's bad for business -- THANK YOU VERY MUCH! -- but Megan's obviously got her sights on something bigger. Don tells her that it's a reality that we don't get to choose where our talents lie and adds that what she did with Heinz? "It took me years to be able to think that way." He goes on that she'll really feel proud of her work when she sees it realized in an actual ad, but Megan leans in and says she knows if she doesn't give this a shot, she'll be angry and bitter. Knowing what that looks like, Don asks her what she wants to do, but he's still not quite Getting It as he tells her he knows working together is tough for her, but there are many agencies that would be happy to have her, so she has to straight-up tell him that she doesn't want to do it. After a moment, he tells her he understands and doesn't want to keep her from her dream and goes on that there's no need to drag it out -- "we'll go in tomorrow, and you'll say goodbye to everybody and we'll get you on your way." She can scarcely believe this has gone so well and tells him she loves him; he returns the sentiment and she happily crawls into bed with him. After she closes her eyes, though, he looks thoughtful and not entirely thrilled. Elsewhere, though, Bertram's dancing a jig and doesn't even know why.

Cross-fade to Don's and Megan's feet walking into the office. When he stops, she looks back and he regards her with both love and some sadness at the knowledge that this is the last time they'll walk in together. When Megan goes on to Creative, Don enters Joan's office, closes the door and tells her Megan's quitting and today will be her last day. Understandably guessing from the urgency that something has happened, Joan asks if Don would like to take a seat, but Don says it's not like that before explaining about the acting thing and then wondering how they proceed from a protocol standpoint. Joan suggests they have the girls take her to lunch and, perhaps not completely convinced that this is all there is to it, inquires further, "She's not disappearing, is she?" Don tells her no, she isn't and then turns to go, but Joan, sensing Don needs some assurance, tells him she'll take care of it and he pauses in acknowledgment before continuing on without looking back. It really is amazing how happy he's been with Megan at the office; nothing to make both him and us realize that like her leaving.

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