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In Don's office, Ken's telling Stan and Don about a "Phil Beachum," who's apparently the "Head of Desserts" at Cool Whip. Peggy joins them as Ken goes on that someone else, "Pat Wallace," at the company liked Don and Megan's banter, prompting Don to call for Dawn and asks where Megan is. Peggy, having learned nothing ever, says Megan's not coming, which is of course Megan's cue to enter with a sunny smile and apologize for being late. Ken tells her he was just saying how Wallace liked the "Mr. and Mrs. Draper thing," so they're going to go to the test factory and taste some Cool Whip and act like it's not gross, essentially. He then prevails on Don and Megan to do their little bit and Megan and Don launch into a script where she's telling him all about Cool Whip and trying to get him to taste it and the whole thing is so nauseating that Peggy can't help herself from blurting "Just taste it!" in response to Don's character's unending questions about it. Don cluelessly agrees that "Just taste it" is the tagline and Stan offers that it's a "nice twist on the stupid husband and pushy wife, because they actually like each other." It's probably best that they don't actually have the product on hand, otherwise Stan would be getting a faceful of it from Peggy's direction. But I suppose it's good that Don and Megan are pulling off this dessert bit, considering how badly they bombed with orange sherbet. Peggy asks if Don and Megan are going to be in the ads and when Ken tells her they're not interested, Peggy judgily asks for clarification whether it's Cool Whip expressing lack of interest or Don and Megan. I'm no expert, but wouldn't ad reps appearing in a TV spot for their client be a potential PR disaster? Regardless, this is all so Megan can reply that "We're not interested," and Peggy's clenching so hard at this point that even Don notices, quizzically asking if she doesn't like it. Shifting to fake like an old pro, Peggy says she does. "I'm just absorbing it." Don stares after her with that patented Season Five Dumb Grin and I really have to agree with Peggy that he was better when he was mean.

The pay phone is getting a lot of action this episode, as Pete calls the number from Howard's card and gets Beth. He asks her to come to the city and meet him, but she's like, 'You're buds with my husband and we live a stone's throw from each other, so maybe this isn't the best idea?" He's forced to concede the point, and she encourages him to fantasize about their time together -- "I will too" -- but tells him not to call her again. She hangs up and Pete looks sad. Jesus man, get it together. If it helps, maybe think about how much like your father you're becoming?

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