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Pete and Beth have finished their, um, hysterics and Beth admits she "used to be like this. Reckless." She seems to be recalling those times fondly, but when Pete happily strokes her face and asks her to say something she tells him she's had men paying attention to her time out of mind. "They don't care what I say. They just watch my lips move." If you didn't make a Julia Ormond joke there, you're a better person than I. Pete sincerely (and yet still smarmily) tells her he's listening to every word, so Beth tells him that his blue eyes remind her of the recent photos taken of the Earth from space and if ALEXIS BLEDEL is complimenting your eyes you should be flattered indeed. She wonders if it bothered him to see the Earth "tiny and unprotected," speaking of things it's probably best not to think about. Pete doesn't seem to share Beth's existential concerns, but pays attention when she tells him their little tryst can never happen again. Pete at first acknowledges that and starts to get dressed, but admits he doesn't want to leave her; however, she tells him she's fine and calmly thanks him for the ride home before demonstrating that she has no idea how to stage-smoke a cigarette.

In his car, Pete takes a moment, obviously feeling something strong for Beth, before touching up his hair and driving off. Seriously, Pete, I hope you're calm, because you're enough of a road menace even at your best.

Megan arrives home and Don, without suspicion, asks where she was. Megan breezily says she went out for a drink with "Joey and Troy," and I wonder if that's our Joey from last year. If so, Roger's going to be sad he missed the Jack & Bobby reunion. Megan adds that she had to lie to Peggy to get out of there, which is kind of cold, but no more so than Don replying, "I've done that!" I like the idea that Peggy is everyone's guilty reminder of how they could be working harder. Megan then goes to get some "crackers, or something," which Don declines, because smoking and drinking in bed is one thing, but getting crumbs all over the sheets is where you draw the line.

The next morning, Peggy's already on the elevator when Don and Megan board; Peggy gives them both a Mona Lisa smile, as she's wont to do, which sends Megan skulking to the other side of the elevator. Heh. The three of them enter, with Peggy giving both of them hilarious furtive looks and then she follows Megan into the ladies' room and sensibly checks for feet under the stalls. That just makes me think of Roz from 9 to 5, sitting on a toilet with her feet up while taking notes on toilet paper. Once Peggy's satisfied, she glares Megan's way so Megan sighs and apologizes, saying she had no idea Don would call. Peggy starts to demand that Megan not force her to lie to Don again, saying she lost a night's work because of it, but Megan cuts her off and explains that she had a callback for an Off-Off-Broadway show that she didn't want to miss. However, she goes on that she didn't get it, "so that's it," and if that's her attitude she really isn't cut out for the realities of being an actress. Peggy asks why she didn't tell Don and when Megan sarcastically suggests she's going to inform Don she still wants to be an actress, Peggy asks in consternation, "Do you?" Never thought Peggy would feel a real sense of loss without Megan. Switching to Encouragement Mode, Peggy tells Megan she knows copywriting is difficult, but Megan is doing great and she's not just saying that. Megan, however, sadly says she contemplated throwing some of Stan's originals in the trash the other day so she'd be fired and Peggy looks horrified, I think not at the sentiment but that Megan flirted with the idea of dealing them such a setback, in which case: Hee. Megan goes on that she then realized that, as the boss's wife, she'll never be canned, but Peggy hasn't quite caught up: "You want to quit?" She raises her voice and sharply tells Megan that there are people who would kill for her job and she doesn't even want to do it? Peggy, I get that you're upset, but the acoustics in there aren't exactly dampening. Megan says she's sorry she told Peggy, but Peggy rightly says she didn't so much and adds that Megan acts like she wants advice, but it's obvious she's made up her mind. Megan tries for a combination of guilt and sympathy, saying that Don's not easy to talk to and it's so simple for Peggy to say what to do when it's someone else's life, but Peggy, who's certainly no stranger to sucking up difficult choices, has had enough and dismissively tells Megan she doesn't care what she does before leaving her there. Megan, I don't know if you're familiar with how emotional scenes in the SCDP ladies' room end, but here's the part where you burst into uncontrollable sobs.

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