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I Am Become Death

...and then, at SCDP, Peggy gets a call from Don asking if Megan's there. Stupidly, Peggy asks if she's not with him, getting this response: "Yes. We're playing a hilarious joke on you." It's interesting to speculate that if Megan were a man, Peggy would probably reflexively cover, but she suspects nothing and says Megan left a while ago to meet Don at the restaurant. Even when she learns Don never called, it doesn't seem like she suspects anything, but she does get irritated with Don's persistent questioning, finally snapping, "Do you know where Abe is?" You'll forgive me, Peggy, for wishing that the answer was yes. When they hang up though, Peggy finally looks worried and probably not for Megan's safety.

Pete and Beth arrive Chez Dawes and Pete opines that it's a lovely house. Beth: "Is it harder to lie to me now that you know me?" Well, you did only just meet. I think it would still be rude to call your home ugly. Pete tries to tell her that he's sure Howard is working, but Beth sighs that he probably doesn't care if she lives or dies. Not with the insurance in place, as it no doubt is. She gets out of the car and heads into the house, unaware until he closes the door that Pete has followed her. He opines that she's being "very dramatic," which is hilarious coming from someone as high-maintenance as Pete and grabs her around the arms as he tells her he's not leaving until he's sure she's not "hysterical." In response, Beth kisses him and you know I love Kartheiser as an actor but I still have to say that throwing yourself at Pete Campbell is not the way to convince us you're in your right mind. Pete says as much, but Beth won't be deterred, whispering that he can have her and asking if he's really worried that Howard's coming home. Check and mate! They get down to the business of traumatizing anyone who was a fan of Gilmore Girls.

Peggy's still in the office when the phone rings and she regards it like it might bite her but does pick it up; however, she declines to voice a greeting and then, upon hearing Don's voice on the other end (he's lying in bed with a drink and THAT should be an ad for something), Peggy yells, "Pizza Haus!" in what I think is an awful German accent? That was hysterical in more than one sense. Peggy is all "WTF was that" at herself (as well she might be) and then when Don calls again, she declines to answer, instead reading it as her cue to call it a night. If it takes something like that to get her out of the office, I'm surprised she ever even goes home.

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