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Don's wrapping up for the day when Megan enters. He asks her to join him "to dress up a drab client dinner," and then rolls right into complaining about how clients are so into music right now -- they want all these specific songs and whatever. For this show, it's a clunky moment; we all know that Don's getting shittier at his job and one reason is his inability to keep up with the times, but he's not usually so explicitly "These kids today" about it. Megan tells him that music's always been important and he shouldn't worry because no one can keep up, before begging off the dinner by saying she has to work. They share a nice kiss and goodbye, but when Don's gone Megan looks guilty. I hope she can use that in her audition.

Pete's drinking in his dimly-lit office (always a great sign of emotional fulfillment) and then he's trudging out with the skis when Peggy, working in a communal area, notes that he's leaving late. They exchange some light words about skiing and then Pete heads out and if he can get those things to Grand Central by himself, he definitely deserves the account. Megan then appears, jacket in hand and a sheepish look on her face. Peggy says she thought they were working and Megan explains that Don called and she has to meet him for dinner. Megan! You dishonor all of Quebec with your lies! Peggy muses that whatever she's working on doesn't feel quite right, but gives Megan leave to go, so Megan heads out to her "dinner."

Speaking of untruths, Pete apparently managed to lug the skis to the train and now is finally getting them into his car when Alexis Bledel calls to him and asks if he happened to see "Howard Dawes" on the train. Pete realizes she must be "Beth," and in response, Beth apologizes and explains Howard doesn't talk about anyone to her, so Pete introduces himself. A comment about the skis leads Beth to confess she locked her keys in her car and she's worried that Howard fell asleep on the train as "he's done that before." Probably more efficient to let us know what he hasn't done, hon. Pete, probably falsely, says that now that he thinks of it, he did see someone corner Howard in the oyster bar, so he might be a while. He offers to call a locksmith, but Beth says that since her house is open, she'd prefer that Pete just drive her home. Pro tip, Beth: Wear your seat belt.

In the car, Beth wonders when the next train is, but when Pete offers to give her his number so she can call him to pick Howard up from the station, she drops the act and tells him he's not coming: "We got an apartment in the city. We." At that, she stares at Pete and Pete is unable to cover his guilty look, so Beth goes on that she didn't even know Pete's name before that night, yet he knows where Howard is and she doesn't. Pete claims not to know anything, so Beth turns the subject to his "awful" driving and he admits he just learned how, being from Manhattan as he is. Beth tells him she could never live in Manhattan, with all the "hobos" and "panhandlers" -- she always gives them money and then can't stop thinking about them for the rest of the day. She goes on to recall that when she was a girl, she tried to get her father to give to one of them, but he wouldn't. "He said we couldn't take care of everybody." Pete supposes they're supposed to get used to not seeing them and Beth agrees, which is an interesting comment in light of the social unrest going on in this time period. Beth, however, agrees that that is exactly what happens...

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