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I Am Become Death

Megan's typing in Don's office when Dawn informs her that a "Jack Shapiro" called for her -- "well, for Megan Calvet." Ooh. Looking nervous -- surely due to whatever clandestine activity she's doing -- Megan emerges from Don's office and thanks Dawn, taking the guy's information as she does. She then spares a glance into the conference room, wherein Ginzo is jumping up and down and making what sound like chimp noises for some reason. Shockingly, Megan does not look impressed...

...but let's find out what's up -- turns out Ginzo and Stan are doing a pitch for a TV spot using the concept from A Hard Day's Night to sell Chevalier Blanc. The clients are impressed, even breaking into applause at the end. Cut to Megan using the pay phone like she's betraying some state secret; like, now might be the time to use those thespian skills of yours and ACT NATURAL. Back in the room, the clients talk about the music and I feel obligated to inform you that one of them, "Rick," is gayer than Sal and my beloved Kurt put together. He and "Calvin" want music that sounds like the Beatles, and Rick muses that all they want is "the chaos and the fun. That sort of... adolescent joy." Don replies that they know what the Beatles sound like and he's slightly sharp here, but in fairness, he did take Sally to see them, so he's not talking out his ass. Also, his ears probably rang for days after that. The clients leave and Stan makes a comment about Rick that's fairly mild but still disappoints me; he and Ginzo then argue about potential bands in the Beatles vein and when they can't agree, Don says he'll just ask Megan, leaving Stan and Ginzo to regard each other with "Happy now, bonehead?" looks on their faces. It's hard not to agree with both of them.

Pete enters Roger's office to find a couple pairs of skis and poles and Roger asks him to take his pick. Pete, warily: "Do they explode or something?" Well, if we're discussing Pete death scenarios, that one's as good as any. Roger tells Pete that some dude from Head Skis personally requested that Pete service his account. Pete's surprised that Roger's being so chill about it and Roger, surprisingly enough, does not attribute his new attitude to the wonders of LSD, but merely tells Pete that he's always wanted to sit back and let the money roll in while Pete does the heavy lifting. Pete still looks suspicious, given what an about-face this is for Roger from the beginning of the season, but like any good WASP, he can't resist the lure of expensive privileged-sports equipment and soon he's clumsily trying to carry both pairs of skis and poles out with him. Roger: "And I got to see that!" Hee. Of course the equipment's useless without boots, but he's barely managing as it is.

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