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I Am Become Death
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Before I start, in case you didn't know, here's a link explaining the Sylvia Plath poem to which the episode's title refers. Also, of course, the Plath poem takes part of its title from the Biblical Lazarus, a man Jesus resurrected. You know... no reason.

Pete, in his usual seat on the morning commuter train, is reading a book when that douchey cheater Howard joins him with a comment about how he didn't want to play cards anyway. I'd like to ignore him, but he segues into bitching about how he's having such a lean month that he's been reduced to hustling people on the train and whatever. Pete's like, "Okay, get the pitch over with so we can get back to the marginal amusement you provide me." He goes on, however, that he already has life insurance -- it came with his junior partnership and it even covers suicide after two years. And, of course, suicide and death are what this episode is about, but also, I can't sit on this anymore; following the season premiere, my great friend Ali Arikan predicted that Pete would bite it by the end of the season. I didn't see it at the time, but "Signal 30" sure looked like a step in that direction and now that he's discussing the ins and outs of his life insurance policy, I have to wonder if we're going to be Kartheiser-less soon. No spoilers and I'd hate to lose Pete, but it was such a great early call, I have to give it a mention even if it doesn't come to pass. Anyway, Howard thinks that Pete's policy -- given that it originated from his partnership -- is designed to benefit SCDP and not him, but "I'll leave that to you and your sleepless nights." Pete: "I'm surprised you're not doing better." Heh. Of course, his problem might stem from the fact that he can't go five seconds without bringing up all the tail he's getting, bragging about some twenty-four-year-old (girl, WHAT are you thinking) he's hooking up with in the city and adding that he even got an apartment for the purpose, which if it were possible, would make me even less sympathetic about his financial woes. Pete, sadly somewhat intrigued, asks what Howard's wife says and Howard claims that she's fine because he provides for her. Pete wonders if Howard worried about getting caught, but given Howard's grin and the enthusiastic way he rushes off to corral a potential client, the answer seems to be "no."

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