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Coming To A Boil
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A longer-haired and suit-wearing Adam Whitman appears in the lobby of a seedy-looking transient building; I'd guess that, despite his assertion that it was temporary and all the money Don gave him, Adam hasn't left the place in which we last saw him in "5G." He gives the lobby guy a package and asks if he can mail it for him, and we can see it's addressed to "Donild Draper." I know they're making the point that to Adam, Don's new name is still unfamiliar, but it seems a little heavy-handed, given that he's seen the name in print. Unless Advertising Age really needs to up the quality of their copy-editors. The guy takes some money from Adam for the postage, and then Adam irresolutely walks away, keeping his eyes on the guy the whole time.

Cut to a close-up of Adam tossing a stack of twenties (although nowhere near five grand's worth) on a table; next to it is a pencil and some hotel stationery, and if you don't know where this is going yet, I'd suggest you, um, brace yourself. Adam then throws down a lot more cash, so maybe it is most or all of the five grand after all. He picks up the pencil and writes something, and then looks like he's unfastening his belt; next thing you know, he's climbing up on a chair, and as we fade down, he's presumably putting the makeshift noose around his neck, and then he kicks the chair away and does the Times Square version of the Spandau Ballet. Don, if you hurry, you'll be able to afford that house in Cape May after all! What? Too soon? Seriously, this is so brutally bleak I don't even know what to say about it. Other than to wonder if this will be enough to make Don flinch.

Nice closeup of Peggy picking at a muffin; if they're going to stuff Elisabeth Moss into a fat suit every week now, we might as well be reminded of the reason why. She's on the phone with her mother; from what we can infer, some "busybody" named "Mrs. Winter" wants to fix Peggy up with her son. Peggy looks up and sees Joan standing over her, so she gets off the phone; they trade smiles that go on a little too long, which prompts Peggy to ask if Joan was listening to her phone call. Joan: "You mean your personal phone call?" Heh. Don makes his entrance and asks Peggy to get him a glass of ice water. "Someone hasn't told the sun it's October." As I write this, it's eighty-three degrees outside. Don, mind if I steal that one? Joan informs Don that they have a client luncheon the next day, and Bertram told her that Don is responsible for it with Roger out. Don gives Joan the authority to handle any catering questions, and then Joan asks after Roger, whom Don describes as "less sickly." Jeez, Don, the heat must really be affecting you -- that doesn't paint a positive picture at all. You'll want to get your skills as a wordsmith back for the luncheon, so where is Peggy with that water? Joan typical smooth efficiency cracks a bit as she tells Don she hopes Roger knows how concerned "we all" are. Before Don can come up with an appropriately coded reply, though, Freddy, Pete, Harry, Ken, and Salvatore appear; Joan beats a hasty retreat as the men head into Don's office. Pete announces that Joan's "been a bitch" lately; everyone concurs, with Salvatore piping up, "I like it!" Salvatore going to die from ecstasy when What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? comes out.

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