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California, Here I…I Mean, "You" Come

Peggy puts the finishing touches on her lipstick, and as we see she's wearing a low-cut, cleavage-bearing short dress and sexy stockings, she struts out...

...and interrupts a meeting between Cutler, Ted and Harry in Ted's office to tell them she's leaving a little early, as she has plans, and she hopes that's okay? Ted and Harry are gaping way too hard to be able to use their words, but Cutler, while still noticing, smoothly assures her it's fine, so she smiles and gives a look in Ted's direction. Cutler then asks if she's got Chanel No. 5 on, and she confirms it. "It's all I wear." She struts out with some flair, turning back to give Ted an inscrutably sexy look before closing the door, and it's no Joan performance but she'd still be proud. Harry grins, "Vixen by night," while Ted, yet again, looks terrified. Ted, how have you survived in this business for twenty years?

Oh God, this scene. Pete, Benson and a couple Chevy guys enter that same lobby we saw Don, Ted, Roger and Cutler in right before they landed the account, only now we see much more clearly that there are a couple shiny cars in the middle of it. After Pete makes a snide comment about how Benson isn't feeling well and won't be joining them on their next stop, Benson, who's probably been hearing shit like this all day, gets a sly look on his face and pauses in front of one of the cars, asking Pete if he's seen "this beauty." Pete says no, he hasn't in person, but correctly IDs it as a Camaro Z-28. He then basks in the Chevy guy's approval, but Benson suggests Pete try it, and when Pete tries to say they can't do that here, Benson replies that he did, just the week before. The Chevy guy confirms that it's their floor and they can do what they want, and when Ken warned Pete that he'd need to know where the land mines were buried, I doubt he realized Benson was one of them. Benson grabs the keys from their hiding place under the sun visor and holds them out, an expression on his face that reads as a bland smile if you're not looking for the "Gotcha, fucker" underneath, and Pete gets in, not realizing the worst is yet to come until he sees the gear shift by his right hand. He gives Benson an absolutely filthy look, and Benson, in a hilariously gleeful voice, replies that it's standard. Oh, stick shifts. You bring hilarity on The Amazing Race, and you bring hilarity on Mad Men. Although to be honest, the first time I watched Pete getting ready to tackle this task, I had to pause it for a couple minutes to brace myself for how uncomfortable it was. Pete tries to get away with just a rev of the engine, but no one is going to let him off that easy, least of all Benson, who tells him, "You looking for first? It's written right on there." Hee. Pete sourly tells him he's got it -- and then he backs the car right into the GM sign behind him, knocking it to the ground amid sounds of shattering glass and startled onlooker gasps. The Chevy guys are disgusted that Pete doesn't do stick, although to be fair, given Pete's driving abilities in general this might have happened with an automatic.

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