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California, Here I…I Mean, "You" Come

...and then we cross-fade into the other partners in the conference room, looking at Don like he just said he grew up in a whorehouse. Come on, you guys, there will be time enough for that. Bertram points out that they were intending for California to be a junior position, but Don tells them they were thinking too small. Ted snits that he thinks they can spare him, to which Don apologizes for the Sheraton incident, saying it won't happen again. Well, not if you're in LA! No one else can think of anything to say, so Don tells them he welcomes a vote on the matter before exiting the room. Ted: "How is it every decision made in this place is subject to ten opinions unless it's him?" Heh. Ted wonders what happens if they need him, and Roger storms out, but Cutler's stock continues to rise in my book when he's like, let's maybe chill out -- they have phones and planes still, right? He adds that this will be good for Ted, as he's already doing the heavy lifting anyway, but when he's gone, Pete exhaustedly sighs that he has bigger problems than this, while everyone else just looks a mixture of glum and irritated. Guys? It'll pass.

In his office, Don buzzes Dawn for cigarettes, but what he gets is Stan walking in with an awesomely fake smile on his face and the memo announcing Don's departure in his hand. After some sarcastic words about how he just put Dawn out of a job and it probably never crossed his mind, Don tries to tell Stan he should be able to get him out there eventually, but Stan replies, "To work for you? Nah, I'd rather stay here." Stan, that's toothy! Don tries to get him back, but Stan tells him he has a sandwich on his desk. "I need to get to it before you do." Ha! First Sally and now Stan -- Don is getting verbally bested by the unlikeliest of foes here. What's not to love?

In his office, Pete is practically shrieking into the phone, "They got MARRIED!" For the love of Harold and Maude! Clara enters and tells Pete he should really get going, so Pete barks into the phone for whoever it is to tell "those Panamanian criminals" to put Manolo under house arrest or ship's arrest or whatever. After a pause, he spits, "Fine, the brig" (hee) before slamming down the phone and telling Clara to get Benson. Clara, however, tells him Benson's already waiting, as they're late for their flight to Detroit, so Pete rushes out...

...and hurries for the elevator, an effort made hilarious by the way he's trying to go at top speed while gingerly holding a garment bag over one arm. In the elevator, Benson asks how he is in that tone most reserve for people who are hard of hearing, but this time Pete matches his volume: "Not great, Bob! Like many of Vincent Kartheiser's best deliveries, I can't possibly do it justice, but it's like he's mad at Benson for his mother, for Manolo and possibly even for being named "Bob." Also, there's this. Benson asks what's up, so Pete wonders if he doesn't already know that "your boyfriend Manolo" kidnapped his mother, married her at gunpoint and then threw her off a ship. Benson tells him to calm down and that he's sure he's exaggerating, and I know Pete's upset, but at the very least I'd point out that Dot said she wanted to go on a trip with Manolo in those exact words. If you want to discuss the fact that she was a few sandwiches short of a picnic, that's another conversation. Pete, however, barks that Benson is an accessory to murder, and when Benson assures him "Manny" wouldn't hurt a fly, Pete shrieks, "EVEN IF HE THOUGHT IT WAS RICH?" Hee. The door opens and two women get on, but although they lower their voices, the whispering is no less agitated as Benson, at least sounding discomfited, claims not to have known anything about this and Pete snits that ignorance won't be a solid defense. They reach the ground floor, and Pete bites out over his shoulder that Benson should get his own cab. Oh, Pete, how are you going to explain that to the company accountant... I mean, "Joan?"

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