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California, Here I…I Mean, "You" Come

Coming down the stairs, Roger runs into Pete, suitcase in hand, who tells him he was able to find a deli in Detroit, "but the airport's like Calcutta." Not sure which city should be more offended there. As Pete goes on about his intention to get an apartment in Detroit, over Pete's shoulder Roger sees Benson giving a gift to Joan, after which his face looks like a remarkably good candidate for the "Before" shot in an Alka-Seltzer ad. Rather than retreat, though, he charges on in and sees the gift is a small replica of a "Racehorse," which I guess was a Chevy model, although an internet search turns up nothing; it certainly seems like an answer to the Mustang. Roger jokes that now Kevin's going to want a real one, but Joan thinks that's not necessarily a pipe dream, as Chevy just gave Bob one. Now I'm seeing why people want to work on this account. Roger smiles through another joke, but once he's turned away, he gets that look of gastric distress again. Stop caring about things, Roger! It's no fun!

Don's pouring a drink when Megan comes in and wonders if they're going to have dinner, and Don replies, "Eventually." What, like tomorrow? Give it to her in number of highballs, Don. Megan then says she's worried, as "they" sent a letter and Sally has to call them. Don sighs and says he'll talk to her at Thanksgiving, but Megan reminds him that it'll just be the boys, as Miss Porter's doesn't have Thanksgiving vacation. Handing Don the letter, she informs him it says the next step is a subpoena before telling him that he can have the one drink and then it's dinnertime. See what I'm saying? He agrees with a smile, but when she walks away, he looks at the envelope, which is from the DA of New York County. Also, Don's address is 783 Park Ave. Apt 17B, in case anyone wants to go back in fake time and pretend-stalk Don. (Have I said that before? Well, in case anyone new wants to.)

Roger stomps into his office being petulant in about six different ways, one of which is to snap at Caroline to get Benson for him. He's then barely even gotten a cigarette out of the pack when Caroline buzzes that Benson's there, and Roger hilariously throws up his arms like "Okay SERIOUSLY?" before telling her to send him in. When Benson enters, Roger asks if he's been circling his office, before having him sit down and telling him he hasn't had a performance review. Benson demurs, and starts to talk about Cutler, but Roger cuts him off and heatedly gives him a piece of his mind for buying presents for "another man's kid" and leading Joan on. If Roger is reading the situation straight -- forgive me -- I wonder why he's jumping to the conclusion that Benson's leading Joan on; I guess he's got it in his head that Benson is dangling romantic prospects in front of her to further his work interests, but it would seem tenuous even if Roger hadn't seen the shorts. Benson assures Roger that he and Joan are just "buddies" and wonders what any of this has to do with his performance, and depending on your perspective it's either a shame or a blessing that Roger's too worked up to make a tasteless pun out of that. Instead, answering my earlier question, he tells Benson that he sees what he's up to -- Chevy will want him to be a family man, but playing with Joan's feelings isn't the way to do it. Benson says Roger's right, but Roger snaps that he'd better not be before telling Benson he'll be happy to have him out in Detroit. He's awfully protective for someone who barely said a word when his company literally whored Joan out, but I guess it's different now that his kid is involved.

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