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California, Here I…I Mean, "You" Come

...and that's punctuated by the elevator door opening to reveal Duck and a middle-aged man; sizing this up in about half a second, Don puts on a hilariously sarcastic smile and remarks, "You're early." Hee. Duck at least apologizes for that before introducing "Lou Avery" from Dancer Fitzgerald, and Don grits through his fake smile that they've met. Lou asks if he's going down and pushes the button for him, and Don gets on, looking shaken. But does he think he's beyond saving? Hold that thought...

...while we check in on Joan, who opens up for Roger to see he's got a box of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. "We couldn't send them back." Hee. As an instrumental version of "Moon River" plays in the background, Roger enters to see that Benson is there, awesomely wearing a Thanksgiving apron and his tie tucked into his shirt as he carves the turkey while Kevin looks on from his high chair. Roger asks what Benson is doing there, but Joan warns him that she's inviting him into Kevin's life, not hers. Roger accepts the condition and greets Bob (finally, I'll give in and call him "Bob," but only because Pete has made me say "NOT GREAT, BOB" every time he's on screen) civilly, and Bob confides that Gail got her hair done for him, NOT THAT WE GET TO SEE IT OR HER. Roger kneels down to say hello to his son, and Joan watches warmly...

...while, as "Moon River" continues to play, Stan finds Peggy working in Don's office. He says he thought she left, but she tells him she's got too much to do, and she's in Don's office because that's where everything is. Well, also because she's effectively going to be the new Don to Avery's new Ted, I'd wager, but she probably doesn't know all that yet. And it's a little sad she's not (I assume) going to spend the holiday with her family, but I can only imagine she doesn't want to hear any I-told-you-so's about Abe, not to mention the cat.

Bobby and Gene are in the front seat with Don, with the former asking questions about Hershey the town (from that and the fact they don't seem fazed by being in Pennsylvania, I'm guessing Hershey is their destination) and the chocolate, when Don brings the car to a stop. Sally asks what they're doing, and Bobby points out it's a bad neighborhood, but Don gets them out of the car, and they walk across the street... to view the building Don in which grew up. As a song I remember fondly from childhood plays, "Both Sides, Now" written by Joni Mitchell and performed by Judy Collins, a song that's in a way about taking a grownup view of life, Don tells the kids that it's where he grew up, and he and Sally exchange a look; as I said in the recaplet, he's got some work to do, but the inquisitive expression on her face suggests this is a step in the right direction. I'll leave you with one of the later lyrics of the song:

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