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California, Here I…I Mean, "You" Come let's cut to Pete, who's on Thanksgiving morn dropping off a bunch of his mother's furniture with Trudy, although there's more to come, as he couldn't take it all. "I already looked like the Beverly Hillbillies with the chair tied to the roof." Heh. Trudy smiles that she doesn't want Dot's things, but Pete good-humoredly says Bud isn't getting it all, "and I'm not moving everything to California with me." Oh. OH. Ted's one thing, but losing Pete is going to sting from a comic-relief standpoint, among others. If that's what's happening, NOT GREAT, SHOW! Also, it's kind of hilarious that he's moving to a driving culture after what happened with Chevy, but maybe his take-away is that he needs more road experience. Also, I suppose Ted does like him, even if he likes Peggy a whole lot more, and there's the Bob Benson factor too. Trudy tells him she'd invite him to Thanksgiving at her parents', but she guesses he needs to be alone; he thinks she's being cruel, but she demurs: "It's going to take you a moment to realize where you are. You're free. Free of her; you're free of them [his family]; you're free of everything." It seems just a shade cavalier for her to be saying this when one of the things he's freeing himself of is his daughter, but I suppose he was ready enough to do that without going to California, and Trudy knows that. Pete tells her, I think referring to their marriage, that this isn't how he wanted it to happen, but all she says in return is that now he knows that. He asks if he can say goodbye to Tammy if he doesn't wake her, and Trudy nods her assent...

...and then we cut to him stroking her hair as Trudy watches from the doorway, a hint of a fond smile flickering through in spite of herself. Now that I think of it, I don't suppose we'll be seeing much of her in the final season either. Another one I'll truly miss, but her story does seem done.

But the episode is not, as when Don climbs the stairs, he finds all the partners assembled already. He questioning says he was told nine, and Bertram snarks, "Right on time. Impressive." Bertram is off the chain, ladies and gentlemen. Roger tells him they need to have a serious talk, and Don starts to say he can explain about the meeting. I for one would like to hear that, but Cutler tells him that the meeting "and most of your questionable behavior" is beyond explanation. Don, sensing which way the wind is blowing especially when Joan casts her eyes downward, tries to inject a note of bravado by asking if he should sit, but Bertram, as I mentioned, isn't playing as he strokes his goatee: "Yes." Brrrr! Don tries to say he's tolerated a lot from all of them, but Bertram intones that he doesn't have to defend himself, as this isn't a trial. "The verdict has already been reached." Roger tells him they've decided he needs to take a few months off to regroup, and Don wonders how Ted can go to California, then, but Joan pipes up that Ted feels confident he can oversee Peggy from LA. Don doesn't blow up Ted's spot with a comment about that, nor does he bring up the irony that he's the one whose idea it was to merge the two companies, but does say he wants a return date, which Bertram denies him. He asks if they really all agree, looking Roger's way, but Roger can only ask him to try to see it from their side. Don leaves without another word, and on the stairs it looks like it might be sinking in how truly alone he is...

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