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California, Here I…I Mean, "You" Come

Peggy's typing when Ted comes in; she looks up and smiles, but that fades in a hurry when she sees the look of grim death on his face. She jumps to the conclusion that he told Nan about them and starts to berate him for it, but he tells her that's not it -- he's going to California. Peggy immediately assumes Don's to blame, and starts to rush off to confront him, but Ted stops her -- Don gave up his spot for Ted to save Ted's family. "The world out there... I have to hold onto them or I'll get lost in the chaos." Peggy doesn't know what to say, but when Ted tells her he loves her so much he can't be around her, she angrily orders him to get out. He tries to tell her that someday, she'll be glad he made this decision, to which she spits, "Well, aren't you lucky? To have decisions." I'm guessing Joan's getting a visit before the end of the day. Ted leaves, and Peggy folds her arms and starts doing that bobble-head thing again. I can't unsee it!

Don arrives home, and Megan greets him with a big smile and the news that Dawn called to say there's a partner's meeting at nine AM about California. Don at least doesn't drag it out in telling her that they can't go to California right now, and in response, Megan gives him a look that warns that something new is coming; it's kind of "this is the last straw" posture. As soon as she gets her words together, she reminds him that she told Mel, and her agent has a bunch of meetings lined up out there "and the train is leaving the station!" Don tries to blame the agency, but she's like, "Fuck the agency!" It's muted out, which causes a reflexive but unfortunate callback to this, but Megan's done with humor: "I don't even know why we're fighting for this anymore. I don't know what it is; we don't have any kids." She tells him he wants to be alone, with his liquor and his ex and his screwed-up kids; when he tries to defend them, she goes deeper: "I love them to death. I used to feel pity for them, but now I realize we're all in the same boat." He tries to tell her he'll he out there all the time, and they'll be bicoastal, but she's had enough and heads for the coat closet. He tells her he loves her, but she replies she can't be there and walks out. My great friend Sarah D. Bunting wrote an excellent piece about why this should be the end for Megan, given how well Paré portrayed the idea that "a door has closed and disappeared into its wall." And if Don's going to successfully change his life, I really don't think she can be along for the ride anyway, both from a story standpoint and for his success' sake. Anyway, whether it's for good or not, she's gone...

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