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California, Here I…I Mean, "You" Come
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Don walks into SC&P to find Stan eagerly awaiting him, and as they pedeconference, we learn that the agency is setting up a small office in LA to service Sunkist, and Stan wants to go. Don points out that this would effectively be a demotion, as Stan would be in one room with one account, but Stan's plan is to try to turn the satellite branch into a real agency (by which I assume he means it would eventually be bringing in new business). He goes on that he wants to "set up the homestead," but Don once again tries to dissuade him by saying if he fails in LA, he'll be out of advertising completely "because no one takes it seriously." Stan, however, is hell-bent on his romantic idea and promises Don he'll impress him. Once Stan's walked off, Don looks after him with an expression that suggests he's still skeptical but has run out of energy to argue the point. Having recapped TV for over a decade, I believe I've seen it in the mirror once or twice.

Roger escorts Brooks out of his office while smiling some words about disappointment teaching more than success, and Brooks, with good but smaller humor, replies that he must be turning into a very wise man. Margaret is waiting with a smile and a drawing Ellery made for Roger, but when it becomes clear that Roger is putting the brakes on investing in Brooks' refrigeration-truck scheme (with the implication that he has contributed up to this point), Margaret points out that she's his daughter. "What do I have to do to get on the list of girls you give money to?" The unfortunate, obvious and illegal answer aside, she's got a point. Brooks, less inclined to anger and bridge-burning than his wife, is like whoa whoa whoa, but Margaret spits that Roger shouldn't bother coming to Thanksgiving. "The table will be empty." She storms off, and although Brooks assures Roger she doesn't mean it, I wonder what he's basing that on.

Don's Irishing up his coffee (sorry, Ned Flanders) when Dawn buzzes that Ken is there to see him. When the door opens, though, it's not just Ken -- still wearing the eye patch, by the way -- but Cutler, and they have news: Hershey's just sent out an RFP (Request For Proposal) to the top thirty agencies, and SC&P is on the list. Don doesn't think the request is serious, though, as Hershey's has never advertised before, but Cutler points out that Mars, their competitor, bills at $10 million, and Ken adds that they think Hershey's is looking for someone to talk them into that kind of spend. This gets Don's attention, and he smiles that he loves Hershey's. And as we'll see, for once he's not dissembling. He tells Ken to get him in a room, so Ken and Cutler bustle out, after which Don contemplatively sips his... well, "morning fuel" covers both ingredients, I guess.

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