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Roger is morosely sitting in his office watching that drinking bird do its thing, and if he's this bored now, I'd suggest he find some more entertaining diversion given the fact he's going to have even less to do around here soon enough. Joan slides in and locks the door as she softly says she needs to speak with him, and even though this is Joan, you can see where she's going with this so I'm thinking this isn't exactly the distraction he was hoping for.

He does not get it at first, mentioning that it's been weeks since they, er, celebrated not dying together, and then trying to get amorous, but she softly says it -- she's late. "I'm very late." Roger stays flip, congratulating her, but she tells him Greg's been gone too long for it to be his. After the shock sets in, Roger asks if she's had a test, but Joan, with a hint of desperation, tells him she can't go to her doctor. He tells her everything will be fine and that they should take it one step at a time, and after she apologizes, which I take as an example of the frustrating mentality that it's the woman's responsibility for birth control, he reassures her again, whereupon she goes to and unlocks the door and then resumes her normal volume: "Very well then. I'll wait on your word." I guess the Things Women Have To Endure theme is not quite over yet. As Joan smiles at Caroline, Roger buzzes the latter to get him an outside line, and I'm glad he's at least dealing with this before going back to watching the drinking bird.

Betty is using her sewing machine when Don calls and asks if he can speak with Sally, and Betty, not without amusement, offers, "You can try." Guess the pendulum has swung back to détente this week. When Sally enters the room, she hesitates when she hears Don's on the phone, which indicates she's still not over him not allowing her to stay with him. However, Don shows that he's brought all his resources to bear on the problem when he informs Sally that he'll be taking her to see the Beatles at Shea Stadium on Sunday, and Sally shows that she's familiar with both the band and their fandom by dropping the phone and literally screaming at the top of her lungs. Not clear that said shrieking is entirely joyful, Betty takes the phone and asks what's up, but when she hears the news, it's a nice moment as she smiles big, without any jealousy, and encourages Sally to thank Don, which she does. Don tells her not to be mad at him if he wears earplugs, and while she promises she won't, I'm wondering if everyone there will be so agreeable about the matter.

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