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Thanks very much to Lauren S for covering the recaplet for me on Emmy night when my DVR suddenly decided to go on strike. Because of that, I'm pursuing an unusual course for me of charging right into the full recap without having seen the episode before. If I seem more clueless than usual, that's why. Most likely.

Don, dressed in casual wear with the paper under his arm, turns Sally's light off, but she sits up: "Daddy, no." He flips the switch back on and asks what she's doing up, as it's 10:30, and she tells him she's afraid of what will happen when he turns out the light. He consents to leave a lamp on for her, gruffly but fondly adding that if she'll pick up the mess in her room, he'll get her a nightlight. He doesn't mention what will happen if she doesn't, but I'm thinking she'll get a scary clown bed like Homer Simpson once made for Bart. After a look of momentary concern over Sally's phobia passes over his face, he leaves...

...and we cut to another source of trepidation, an interoffice memo from Pryce informing the SC employees of a mandatory and imminent meeting on the main floor. After Pete notes that Ken is late and Paul presciently speculates that they're going to be made to work over the holiday (the current date is July 1st), Hooker pompously gets everyone's attention, and a wide shot of everyone assembled lets me see that my guess was correct and Kurt is still working there. Yay! Now if he'll just introduce Sal to the world of gay bars we'll really be getting somewhere. As Don walks in (late to another Pryce-run meeting, don't you know), Pryce, with Bertram and Roger flanking him, announces that the Chairman of the Board of the mother company will be paying them a visit, starting the next day and continuing into the one following, which means that the office will be staying open, and it's hilarious to think that this is Putnam, Powell, and Lowe's little way of getting even for the War of Independence, no? Pryce plows through the resultant disgruntled murmurings to announce that they need everyone to continue to operate at "the height of their productivity," and I'm not going to name names but I think in certain cases he might want to set the bar a little higher. Once Pryce is done, Bertram asks Don if he and Roger might have a word, while Joan disgustedly walks off for reasons that have not yet become apparent. When she's gone, however, Olive tells the other girls that they'll "move it" from lunch to the end of the day, and a flurry of exposition follows that tells us that Joan's last day is the 2nd (although, as Lois points out, it now may be the 3rd) and Greg's supposed to find out about the Chief Residency as well. This moves Peggy to go get some money, as she thinks they should buy Joan something, and while I certainly agree she could use the gift I'm not sure even this group's combined efforts could afford the going rate for a new husband. Hooker then accosts Harry and Pete and informs them they'll need to give a presentation on the state of television for Wednesday morning, as well as account updates, and by the way, Paul might want to shave his beard. Paul predictably gets all "Well, I NEVER!" for a moment until a small smile appears on Hooker's face: "That was a joke." HA! Hooker just went waaay up in my book, and the look on Harry's face suggests he feels the same way.

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