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It's 1962. What Else Is New?

The boys meet at a table out in the main area, and are none too happy about it. Pete officiously offers to host them in his office, which implies that the rest of them either lost their offices entirely or are doubling up. We learn that Harry's wife is pregnant, so I guess he took his blubbering ass home and gained forgiveness after last season's finale sputtering something about wheels and carousels. The boys then observe two young guys being shown in, leading to much chagrin from Paul. Ken tells him he's in the same boat as the creative people -- no one has been promoted in Accounts since Duck joined the firm. He expresses his faith that Don will eventually defeat Duck, and then Peggy approaches, saying no one told her there was a meeting. Sal: "Can we change venues?" Sure -- did Chippendale's exist in 1962?

So these two guys Don is interviewing are apparently representative of those teams Duck was talking about, aged twenty-five and twenty-four, and one is American while the other is from Europe somewhere and is wearing, as Joe R put it, "the largest cable-knit sweater I've ever seen." Don asks them this: "Have you ever been fired?" I wonder if Don's really interested in their employment history, or if he's just planning to relish being the first to do the honors.

The copier men are back, and Joan is explaining that she's not sure having the behemoth in the hallway is the best idea, particularly since clients can see it. "We don't want to appear to be bursting at the seams." With those tits and that ass, it's a difficult scenario to avoid. Joan sees Lois and pulls her aside for a confab, chastising her for crying in the break room, "which I have specifically forbidden." Heh. She also insists that she call Peggy "Miss Olson," and doesn't really want to hear about how Peggy "yelled" at Lois. Her points made, Joan leads Lois back to the copier and asks if "we like this in the hallway." Lois makes the far-sighted observation that it looks good now, but it will become messy, and Joan agrees, because she's seen this show before.

Don wraps things up with the two boys, who are both apparently surnamed "Smith" although they're not related, and then Duck comes over for a little glad-handing. The Smiths are wary, though, and express their desire that their little interview be kept under wraps for the moment. They take off, and Duck commends Don on the direction he's taking. Don asks, now that he's given Duck his young 'uns and the Xerox machine, if he should throw in a couple of elephants as well. "I don't want there to be any excuse when you can't bring in Martensons Coffee." Excuse me for a moment while I turn off my air conditioner. Duck counters that there are other ways of thinking besides Don's. Wow, Duck, if that's the best you can do in the comeback department, maybe you should start drinking again.

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