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It's 1962. What Else Is New?

Betty arrives home and tells Carla that Bobby is turning blue outside, before kissing Sally, who tells her that they celebrated Valentine's Day at school, but everyone had to give a valentine to everyone else. Betty: "That defeats the purpose." Betty and I are agreeing from across the room, not for the first time. Sally pulls her mom's boot off before telling her that she'd like to go riding with her, but Betty tells her it's too dangerous. "Do you remember what happened to the little girl in Gone With The Wind?" Isn't Sally a little young to have seen that? Especially with "damn" being the most notorious word in the script?

Roger comes in to see Don, noting that common wisdom dictates that drinking alone means you're an alcoholic. He heads straight for the bar as he adds, "I'm really trying to avoid that." Hee. Roger tells Don about Duck wanting younger people, and hands Don a list of candidates in the twenty-something range. Don thinks any cachet younger people have is a myth: "You're talking as if they're some fresh version of us. They're not. Young people don't know anything -- especially that they're young." Take heed, whipper-snappers, the geezer with the high blood pressure knows of what he speaks. Roger, however, in his typically phlegmatic way, tells Don simply to prove Duck wrong. And speaking of which, hey, remember last season, when I speculated Duck was gay? Surrounding yourself with young boys isn't exactly proving me wrong.

In a schmancy hotel restaurant, Don observes all the romance going on around him, and then sees Betty descending the staircase wearing a beatific smile. She wishes him a happy Valentine's Day, but before they can sit down, Betty recognizes a passing woman who's about her age and calls, "Juanita?" Turns out she was Betty's roommate in Manhattan and a model as well, and she's celebrating Valentine's Day with her father. Well, it's a man old enough to be her father, but I figured you all are smart enough that if I told you that straightaway there would be no suspense whatsoever. Yes, after some uncomfortable posturing on Juanita's part, including a confession that her date is from out of town, and Betty getting Juanita's number, Don informs Betty that Juanita is a "party girl." Betty isn't scandalized so much as curious how Don knows that, and I know she's trying to trap Don into an admission of infidelity, but for God's sake, honey, the man was in the Army. Betty laughs about the whole thing, and then Don suggests they head up for some room service. Make sure you order a low-salt entrée...oh, that's not what he was talking about, is it?

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