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It's 1962. What Else Is New?

A riding buddy (no, not that kind) of Betty's tells her that her daughter has been hoarding her lunch money, and Betty gives the daughter props for her bulimic tendencies. Sure, I'm paraphrasing, but given that the economy of phrasing on this show is so extreme you'd think the cast gets charged for speaking by the word, it's a necessary evil. Some male student stops and bids Betty and the friend a fond hello, which earns him a reproach from the teacher. Once he's gone, the friend tells Betty that he's twenty-five, and the two of them talk, although she adds that he's engaged, so there's no point in being aloof. Betty: "I wouldn't know what to talk about." Given my read of the dude, jewelry and the fall jodhpur collection would be appropriate subject matter. Betty and friend exchange small talk about the similarities between children and manure before she drives off. Okay, I might be paraphrasing again, but it's so much more fun that way.

At Sterling Cooper, a rather large Xerox machine has been delivered, causing Joan some consternation and the rest of the hens on the floor some titillation. Joan informs the girls and a newly-bearded Paul that the machine is a gift to everyone, but it's bigger than she expected, and she thinks it needs an office. Paul lets us know that everyone's doubling up as it is, and Joan relents, saying they can leave it out in the open for the time being. At least that will discourage people from photocopying their asses, anyway.

In the conference room, the creative team, including a back-to-trim Peggy and some older guy named Dale, sits around an untouched pile of sandwiches before Ken starts to go for it, saying that Don isn't exactly going to care if they dig in. The other team members dissuade him, however, and after Ken subtly implies that Peggy's still underneath the men (with Paul throwing in a Señor Wences-esque "S'alright!"), she leaves to check on Don. After she's gone the boys speculate that Don must have knocked Peggy up, given that she went away for a couple months and came back much svelter. Pete enters and suggests that Peggy went to a fat farm. I know we've had our disagreements but I have to say that given the information they all have, Pete's theory sounds the more plausible. Well, except from his own point of view, but that's a whole other story.

Peggy approaches Don's new secretary, "Lois," and asks when she might be expecting Don. Lois conspiratorially tells Peggy that Don said he was going to the movies. "Pinocchio." Peggy starts to walk away, but turns back and somewhat nastily (although it is possible that she was giving some constructive, if stern, advice) suggests that Lois imagine that Don is there whenever she talks about him. In any event, she succeeds in getting her point across, and walks away triumphantly. Now if she can only make a man feel like shit, she'll be having a really good day.

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