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Peggy -- in her slip with her hair in clips -- is rummaging in drawers as she asks Abe, with some impatience, if he ate her "Violet Candy," which she says she needs; since she says Don gave it to her before a presentation, I'm guessing she sees it as a good-luck charm, otherwise I'm going to have to have a little chat with her about nutritional habits. Abe is not overly concerned with such matters and suggests seeing The Naked Prey that evening, which is, as he describes it, "that stupid movie about the guy being hunted in Africa." I guess one good thing about the show taking place several decades ago is that when it pokes fun at something, there's a good chance that anyone directly involved with it who might take offense is dead. Abe adds that Cornel Wilde, the lead, apparently wrestles a boa constrictor while naked, which sounds "pretty dirty." Well Abe, it's going to be far from the dirtiest thing we associate with this movie before the episode's over. Peggy is too preoccupied with the Heinz presentation to discuss social plans, which gets Abe into a snit and causes his Brooklyn accent to become even more pronounced than usual; Peggy amps up the hostility by asking if he doesn't want to see her anymore, to which he complains -- probably with more justification now -- that she's always looking to "push the button on this whole thing." Things do not improve from here as you can imagine, given that Abe's parting shot is "I'm your boyfriend, not a focus group! Have a shitty day." It's common wisdom that you shouldn't fight while under the influence of alcohol, but I think you should also take care to avoid altercations when the participants haven't yet had coffee. Also: Done!

Peggy enters the copywriters' room, in which Ginzo is wrapping up a call that, while less acrimonious, definitely bears some similarities to the one Peggy just had, prompting Peggy to offer once Ginzo's off that she just had the same conversation. Ginzo: "No, I think they were different, because yours was private." And while you can't blame Peggy for entering their shared space, I think the point is that he's trying to discourage her from such conversational topics. Of course, Ginzo trying to tone anyone else down is hilarious in a whole other way, but before Peggy can point that out, Stan bursts in complaining that he's late because "there's no place to pee in this city." Another way Starbucks has enriched our lives. Megan then enters saying how she saw the funniest thing outside their building -- a bunch of students were asking how to get to Broadway. Stan's like, "..." in response, but Megan explains that it's just like "the campaign" and they could have cast it right there. So there's no artwork in whatever campaign is using this idea, I guess. Glad I could bring my Holmes-ian powers of deduction to the situation. Don appears and asks Megan for a word, because God forbid he allow her to work for two minutes and when she disappears, Stan's like, "She goes to Casting now?" Well, she was almost an actress and also, Peggy defends her on this point, saying Megan's been her junior on this presentation. Stan then tells some story about a large-breasted date of his named Salome that, I trust, you will forgive me for skipping over and then Peggy finds the candy she accused Abe of eating and sighs in relief that she couldn't take one more omen of doom.

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