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Before I start, real cute naming the episode "Dark Shadows" to coincide with the release of the Tim Burton movie. SEO concerns are all well and good, but I still wonder how that decision would have gone if Lionsgate had seen the trailer beforehand.

We begin with a close-up of a female hand pulling a piece of well-done toast out of a toaster and from the fact that said hand proceeds to measure out a few cubes of cheese onto a scale, we can conclude that Betty -- to whom the hand belongs -- has joined Weight Watchers. And I'm all for self-improvement, but until she signs up with Horrible Mothers Anonymous, her work will be far from done. On the plus side, the fat suit seems to have lost a bit of its heft. Betty takes a bite of the jellied toast and, as she's no doubt been instructed, savors it rather mechanically -- in fact, you can pretty much see her counting the number of times she chews...

...whereupon we cut to the SCDP elevator, on which Bertram and Roger are discussing the merits of competitive fishing. Don joins them, followed by Pete and once the doors have closed, Pete -- with trademark pomposity -- announces that he spent an hour and a half on the phone the night before with a guy from The New York Times, who just so happens to be doing a literary profile on hip Madison Avenue ad agencies. (Bertram, hilariously, corrects Pete to "hep.") Pete goes on that he told the guy to get in touch with "you" to see examples of what they've been doing and Don, impressed, says he'll have Joan set something up. But Pete goes on that they needn't worry about an interview -- the guy was only interested in talking to Pete. Well, if I were one of the other partners, I'd be just as glad not to have to talk to a guy who could spend ninety minutes on the phone with Pete Campbell, but that doesn't stop Roger from, once they're disembarking, sarcastically offering "Sterling Campbell Draper Pryce!" to Bertram, who is most unamused by the whole thing.

Sometime later, Don is looking through the portfolio of their work that Joan has put together, which includes "Just Taste It" from last week; there's also a non-Jaguar car ad in there, which you'd think we would have heard something about. Don settles on his picks and then is rather surprised to realize that Ginzo is the credited writer on pretty much all of them. Joan agrees with Don's assessment that Peggy really got buried on Heinz before lauding Don's efforts as Creative Director and encouraging him to put the letter in the portfolio. Don's a bit hesitant and I'm surprised he even still has the thing after the news he got from Ray Wise a couple episodes ago, but Joan firmly says the thing is still quite the conversation piece and Don sighs that they're still suffering because of it, so they might as well get something in return. Joan then moves to take the selected ads with her, but Don instructs her to leave them and after she's gone, he looks at them long and hard, probably once again counting the number of Ginzo credits.

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