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With the sun down, Peggy and Joyce get into the latter's VW bug as the former notes that she has sand "in the weirdest places." Joyce snarks that as it's Jones Beach, she shouldn't be sure it's sand, and I don't have the most active imagination but I still think that comment would make for a long car ride home. However, the entrance of some "hitchers," as Joyce calls them, takes their minds off anything lodged in their body's crevasses, especially since one of them is none other than Abe, our outspoken journalist type. Despite the way their last meeting ended, they look shyly pleased to see each other, and then the overabundance of people in the car dictates that Peggy end up sitting on Abe's lap. He lightly brushes some salt off her arm and notes that she went in the ocean, and when she tells him she likes the water, he asks if he can quote her on that. When she turns to him with a questioning look, he wryly adds, "I'm learning," and given how much she's always liked him...'s no surprise that we cut to her leading him into her bedroom, with Abe, seeing the state of her bedroom, opining that she's a slob. Yup, still a work in progress there, guy. Still, Peggy's not offended, instead just telling him to keep it down because of her roommate, and soon he's got her on the bed and is complimenting her shoulders. "You look like you're in the Olympics." Although the idea of looking like she regularly competes in the shot-put might not be every woman's fantasy, Peggy merely smiles as she tells him he never stops talking, and, getting the message, he gets back to business. And the fact that he's demonstrating an ability to be trained makes him boyfriend material indeed.

It's time to meet Ken's fiancée (I had thought they had gotten married, but that's how he introduces her), who's babbling to her parents, and her father, as I noted with glee in the recaplet, is played by the wonderful Ray Wise, whom I haven't seen since Reaper was so sadly canceled. Anyway, "Cynthia" is played by 10 Things I Hate About You's Larisa Oleynik, and she's relating the story of how she, Trudy, and some other friends were at "a lecture on rhododendrons" (you'll remember they're in the same garden club) when Trudy's water broke, and I commend her on her timing, because that experience sounds boring enough that I might try to sell going into labor to get out of it.

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