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John Slattery directed this episode, and I have to tell you I find it a big improvement directorially from his last effort. Really pretty seamless here and not overtelling the story. Speaking of which:

We open with Don telling a Heinz guy that no one at his company knows about this meeting. And look, they're not going to, because while the Heinz guy is looking to revitalize sales of Heinz beans (he does not work in ketchup, which is the big moneymaker these days) while avoiding such jingles as "Beans, beans, the musical fruit," he is thoroughly unconvinced that SCDP will still exist in six months, and as such is unwilling to move his business there at the moment. Don practically begs, even offering a discounted commission, but that only makes the Heinz guy, not unsympathetically, respond, "I bet I could get a date with your mother right now." Given Don's late mother's line of work, there are many possible replies to that, but none of them is going to land the account at the moment, so let's move on... Betty calling Sally and Bobby for dinner. When she arrives, Sally asks if she can make Gene desist from banging a spoon against a metal pot, but Betty tells her that will only result in him screaming, and given that unpleasant choice I have to admit I'd stick with what we've got at the moment. Sally then asks her why they never eat with Henry, and Betty tells her first off, he works until late, and secondly, he and the kids don't eat the same food. Sally offers to try new food, prompting Betty to focus on her and ask if she'd like to eat with the two adults. Sally says yes, and Betty, pleased, offers to think about it, which I suppose means "run it by Henry whenever the heck he gets home." Still, it's a nice moment between mother and daughter, don't you think? Seems like it would take the interference of some horrible hill creature to ruin it!

Faye's boss, "Geoff Atherton," is telling the SCDP execs that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that their first and last order of the day is getting new clients, no matter how small, not only because their billings have been cut in half but also because soon, they'll be perceived as stagnant, "or worse, decaying." Roger lets him know that they're aware of the dire situation, thanks, so Jeff makes a recommendation -- since they're such experts in servicing cigarette companies, they should attempt to find a replacement for Lucky Strike. "You are a certain kind of girl, and tobacco is your ideal boyfriend." Apparently willing to torture the metaphor, Don asks if he can get them a date, and Jeff, apparently not as sensitive to potential breaches of professional ethics as his co-worker, tells them that Phillip Morris is introducing a new brand for young women, and they're interested in having a new agency on board for it from the word go. It's only close to five million in billings, but it's a start, and Geoff can get them a meeting, which apparently no one else has. Everyone expresses their eagerness to pursue this...

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