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Oh, Canada
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Before I start, I just wanted to share with you a link from a reader whose mother-in-law was born in a concentration camp. As Abe told Peggy last week, it happened.

This week, we begin at the supposedly fun kind of camp, which looks like it's housed at a boarding school, and a couple kids are making a lame attempt at practicing... something where they're using lacrosse sticks to bat a volleyball at each other. I'm aware of a little bit about useless white-assed sports, but this is beyond my knowledge. The pay phone on the wall rings, and the far skinnier of the two boys answers and then tells "Face" that it's his father. Face reveals himself to be Glen, but before we can wonder if his dad is calling with some last-minute character motivations, we learn that the caller is actually Sally, and Glen, whose voice has finally changed and who has lost some of his baby fat, gives her props for pulling off the call on a weeknight. He asks if that means "Mrs. Francis" is out, but Sally tells him she and Henry went to Michigan, taking Gene with them, "and left me here with Bluto." I'm assuming that's referring to she of the Ginsu burglar alarm, and confirming that supposition, Glen asks if "she still smell[s] like a toilet." I didn't know toilet cleaners back then had such high proofs, but no one said this show isn't educational. Speaking of new information, Glen apparently recently broke up with his girlfriend and is using that as an excuse not to study his trig (what is this, space camp?), and Sally rightly gives him some shit for his broken heart before wondering if he's not going back to the same camp the next summer. Yes, but by then, my dear, the inevitable romance between you and Glen will have bloomed, and believe me when I say I have no idea how I'm going to get through recapping that. Their conversation is soon interrupted by Pauline yelling for Sally to set the table, and from her slurring to her swaying and lurching like she's the ship in The Perfect Storm, she'll have to forgive me for suggesting the meal should have come a little earlier. Sally, as any good teenager should, completely ignores the call, so Pauline shays she'll jusht eat by hershelf; unfortunately, between her and the kitchen is the phone cord, which thanks to Sally taking the phone into her room is stretched across the hall like a tripwire. Down Pauline goes, pulling the phone right out of Sally's hands, and from her anguished cries, however much of the bag Pauline is in is not enough to dull the pain from her ankle, which may well be broken. You'd think after that story about her dad kicking her, she's be a little more tuned in to things in her path. Sally dispatches Bobby to get Pauline some water (another errand that should have been carried out a little earlier) while she goes to call for help...

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