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Don's Ghosts, Coast To Coast
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Oh hi, "directed by John Slattery." We meet again.

In an easy chair, his eyes at three-quarter mast, Don is watching TV coverage of the Democratic National Convention when Megan calls to him about a packing issue. He doesn't catch what she says, so she enters and, hearing the speaker droning on about some procedural amendment for the '72 edition, comments that they're supposed to be debating the war. Don sighs that they can't come out against it, and after some talk illustrative of the sentiment that Humphrey has a snowball's chance in Hawaii, Don turns off the TV and laughs about how the debate and the almost-violent-turning protests currently going on won't be shown in prime-time. Megan smiles that Don's so cynical, but he, obviously still making an effort with her, has her come over and sit on his lap before urging her to come with him, apparently on a trip to California. He tells her they can go back to Disneyland. "From what I remember, something amazing happened there." I'd agree with that. She jokes that it was the biggest mistake of her life (hmm) before telling him she'd come if she could. Now that she's playing two characters, it does seem like it'd be harder for her to get significant time off. If the soap sees fit to introduce a red-haired "Celine," we'll never see Megan again. Megan warns him to stay away from actresses, and Don smiles that he hates them. Earlier in the season, I would have been guessing whether that was a comment on her choice of profession or on her acting ability, but he does seem to be joking here.

In the [NAME] conference room, Ted tells the group that on Ken's most recent Detroit visit, the Chevy people took him to a room on a level of the building he'd never seen before. Since they apparently let him out after, I'm guessing that's a good sign, especially since Ted goes on that Ken "met the man he believes to be the source of our current torture. Apparently his feelings were hurt because we haven't kissed his ring." Pete practically reaches for the Carmex as he says he'll be happy to do it, and when Roger says it should be he, Pete points out that he's going to L.A. "for... what, again?" Ted curtails this discussion by saying that he'll be the one to go, which seems odd because you'd think they'd be clear here on whether it should be an Accounts or a Creative person to take this on. Then again, it's not like certain lines of that sort aren't going to be blurred this episode.

Don enters and asks Roger if they're going, and when Roger tells him they will right after the partners' meeting, he's like, "Oh," takes a seat... and then immediately asks if they're done. Look, I know the show is to the point of fetishizing Don's devil-may-care attitude when it comes to [NAME] procedure, but are the other partners so laissez-faire about it that no one would have walked the five steps to Don's office to see if he'd be attending? This is a public company now, and they could literally wave to Dawn from here! And it's one thing for Don to blow it off, but another not even to know it's happening. Another instance of something ringing false enough to compromise its potential comedy, if that's even what they were going for... although being over Don's general attitude certainly doesn't help.

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