A Sane Q&A with Mad Men's Jared Harris

by Mindy Monez June 22, 2010
The Jared Harris Interview

TWoP: Do you have time to watch any other shows?
Harris: I really enjoy House. I watch House a lot. FlashForward I enjoyed, I've got some friends on that show. I also really enjoy cooking, so I love Kitchen Nightmares.

TWoP: Ooh, I love Gordon.
Harris: Yeah, the format's gotten a bit predictable now because they've always got some hot-headed chef that he goes up against mano-a-mano, like a boxing match, so it's a little dreary and predictable now. But what I appreciate about what he's doing is those are homes and families and people's lives and he's going in and giving them a chance at rescue. It's really amazing.

TWoP: That's a nice reason to like him. I appreciate his creative insults.
Harris: Are they creative? He tends to sort of draw from the same --

TWoP: He does, but there's no beating "donut."
Harris: "Donut," yeah.

TWoP: Any closing remarks you'd like to make about the season?
Harris: It's juicy. It's really juicy. There are some episodes that are really funny, where there's a lot of laughs, and then there are other episodes where your jaw just hits the table at some really powerful stuff. Matt's not afraid to stir up some controversy. So it's good! I'm actually really looking forward to seeing the episodes.

TWoP: Me too!
Harris: There's a bunch of them that I'm really, really curious to see how they turned out.

TWoP: Well we're beyond excited about the new season. Thank you for talking to us!
Harris: Sorry I couldn't give you more info! Once this show airs I'll be glad to talk to you in detail about everything.

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