A Sane Q&A with Mad Men's Jared Harris

by Mindy Monez June 22, 2010
The Jared Harris Interview

TWoP: Are you allowed to tell us anything at all about Pryce's story arc in the new season?
Harris: I don't know what it is!

TWoP: You've filmed six episodes -- you know something.
Harris: Maybe you know! What have you found out?

TWoP: I know zero things! Well how about this: do you think Pryce's marriage will survive the season?
Harris: I know absolutely nothing.

TWoP: Alright, alright. Well, I guess you can't answer my next question either--
Harris: You can ask!

TWoP: Well, part of the fun of each Mad Men pre-season is trying to predict which historical events the show will weave into its story. If the next season does take place in 1964, which, chronologically it would, there's a lot to work with: The Civil Rights Act, The Beatles, the Vietnam War -- can you speak to what this season's "Kennedy's dead" episode might be?
Harris: What I can say is that I think Matt [Weiner] chose this decade for a reason. There's this idea that there's an idealized America back in the '50s when everything was perfect and America was at the height of its super-powerdom, and the American dream was fixed as a solid goal that everybody could attain. Which of course he was picking holes at. And he's sort of taking that idea and smashing into the upheaval of the '60s and one of the things he's interested in dealing with is the changes that were wrought on America during that decade -- the reverberations of it are still being felt to this day. So I would be surprised if he missed an opportunity on any of the big things that happened in the '60s.

TWoP: On a casting note, there's been speculation that Ken Cosgrove and Paul Kinsey have been written off the show. You don't have to say whether or not that's true, but maybe you could tell us whether or not you've seen them around on set?
Harris: I can't say.

TWoP: Any Jon Hamm diva stories?
Harris: He's the most un-diva-ish person. He's absolutely addicted to Scrabble. There's a whole bunch of people on set and they play iPhone Scrabble. They've got about 20 different games going on with different cast members and crew members and friends who live in China. They've got all these games going on all the time, just Scrabble-ing away like crazy.

TWoP: Is he good or is he just obsessed?
Harris: He's very good, yeah. You hear these, like, roars of somebody going "Yes!" if they manage to put like an "X" on a triple word score, or you suddenly hear "Gaahhh!" if somebody else got a big score. It's like a football match going on. And there are lots of suspicions of "Oh, they must be using a dictionary!"

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