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A Little Kiss, Part II

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When we return, it's daytime, and we get an establishing shot of a checker cab (thirty-five cents to enter, then increments of a nickel, don't you know) that we learn contains Pryce. As he reaches into his jacket for the fare, he notices that someone dropped his wallet on the floor. The driver offers to turn it in to Dispatch, as they have a Lost and Found, but when Pryce inspects it and discovers there's close to a hundred dollars in it, he declares his intention to return it himself. It's not clear what his game is -- you'd think he's simply worried that the cash might disappear into one of the hands it would pass through if he turns it in, but he's hard to read, and given what happens later I wouldn't venture to guess what's going through his head. In addition, the driver is clearly worried about Pryce's shift here, and notes that the owner is probably going to call looking for the thing, but Pryce hands over his business card and a tip and the guy relents. Pleased with himself, Pryce exits the cab...

...while Don, not surprisingly, is still asleep, with Megan nowhere to be seen. The only question is whether he got out of bed on the intervening day at all. Cut to him applying shaving cream with his new brush and then looking a bit regretful. I suppose this is the dark side of not leaving your wife at home when you go to work.

Back to Pryce, who has just laid the wallet carefully on his desk when Pete enters and notes that the party was quite the thing. "Have Masters and Johnson come in yet?" HA! Pete with the witty references, I swear. He adds that he should take a seat and watch them slink in in shame, and Pryce notes that Pete is in a good mood. Well, it's no surprise that Pete loves his schadenfreude, but he has further reason to be pleased -- Mohawk called him at home that morning. Before Pryce can get too jazzed in response, though, his secretary buzzes to tell him Rebecca's on the phone, so Pete leaves him to it, but not before he informs him he's called a partners' meeting. Once Pryce picks up, Rebecca apologizes for the apparent row they had that morning, but is still worried about a letter they got from St. Paul's (I'm assuming that's the fancy boarding school in New Hampshire) demanding payment for their son Nigel's tuition for the coming year. Pryce idly argues with Rebecca as he fishes a photo of an attractive young woman out of the wallet, on the back of which is written, "Xs and Os all day. Delores." Pryce smiles, and unfortunately, I do not believe that he's merely appreciative of the love that exists between this woman and the owner of the wallet. Oh, Pryce, if you're than unhappy, go back to your girl at the Playboy Club. It's not canceled in this reality. Rebecca then reminds Pryce to get the names of Megan's real estate agent and decorator, and for someone who's trying to get him to pay up early for Nigel's education, she's doing a good job of making the prospect more difficult.

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