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The Near-Death Experience Of Porky The Pig

Porky is saved from his downward spiral by an earthquake, but seems to have had his wits knocked loose regardless. It's all contingent on exactly how much of his bullshit you're willing to put up with, but if you love it when he does annoying idiosyncratic shit you're going to enjoy this episode.

Jo and Escalante have a fight about charity -- because he is the Worst -- while her distaste for the Degenerates shows she has her own hilarious social standards. Later, he is rude to people some more, and Jo rewards him with more doormat apologies and self-hating bullshit. Also, she is pregnant with his asshole baby.

Ace admits to his PO that he has designs on his foes, but they don't stop him glacially moving forward with hitting on Claire or being unendingly shitty to Nathan Israel. While Ace approaches the Bond Villain owner of the track with his plan, Dumbledore and his own Bond Villain cronies decide to buy Nathan Israel as a double agent, which serves Ace right. Some stuff happens with the whole casino/racetrack thing that is so dry not even Gambon can manage to give a shit about saying his lines, and unlike other HBO shows, you don't even get to see a butt or a boob while they are talking about it. Just the wrinkled elderly, and their many smells and accents.

The Old Man is hit with some legal issues that cause him to, uh, grumble incomprehensibly and obsessively watch Rosie ride his horse around in a circle. You know, the two things he's least likely to do on this show for hours at a time. When she uses the crop against his wishes, though, he goes on a grumpy Sigur Ros rampage that leads to a bunch of emotions and whatever. In the end it works out -- they even beat a track record! -- although the menacing son of a former colleage shows up with this idea that the horse actually belongs to him, thanks to a substantial past debt that may or may not exist.

Something happens during a Mon Gateau race that causes Marcus to be even meaner to Twitch, and Escalante to be even meaner to the Bug, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what it was. It means a lot of waiting around and looking stressed, like, the opposite of the Magical Horse Moment at usually happens at around the half-hour mark. I think there was a question about which horse ran faster than the other horses, but then they figured out with certainty which horse ran faster than the others. In the end, it turns out to be very exciting for everybody, and the Degenerates try to make Leon feel good about being their rider even though they are Sadness Personified.

Nathan Israel comes back to the hotel to take a nap with Gus and Ace, and they discuss firstly how he's a double agent, and secondly about the gaming commission that Dumbledore thinks he's got on his side, and then Nathan Israel tells the gangsters that his tummy hurts. Later, Claire tells Ace she wanted to stay the other night when POP's leg was in doubt, and then they talk about how interesting horses totally are, and then he and Gus retire as usual, and Ace is mean to Gus for falling asleep, and Ace once more seems to realize that he is very crazy, or at least very mean for no real reason.

Next week: Dissent among the Degenerates, the Indians get involved finally, and Ronnie might come back into Walter's fold.





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