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Heart Like A Wheels
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Leon and Rosie shared jockey times together in the tree where they make their snack cakes and breakfast cereals. Porky Pig proved volatile in some ways once both his jocks went nearly out of commission. The Degenerates circled wagons, deferring Jerry's certain death at the hands of a plucky restaurateur. A yucky security guard was on the take. Claire caught the interest of Ace, less romantically than philanthropically, while Ace enjoyed being incredibly rude to Nathan Israel, among others, no matter what he said or did. The Old Man's connection to dead Delphi and his progeny was hard to understand from the outside, but lovely to consider.


Ace: "I am grumpy! This time, it's about Claire running late to our Dying Horse meeting."
Gus: "I am more easy-going, but still kind of stressing out about our horse. Apparently you're letting the Bug ride him?"

Gus and Escalante have a complex racetrack conversation about whether or not the horse is going to race today with Leon. It seems to have something to do with Escalante gaming the system, but to be fair much of this talk is highly coded. Escalante is smug, Gus is dubious, and -- surprisingly -- Ace is grumpy about it. Whatever it is.


Leon, looking great in one of his many outfits, has a long talk with Porky Pig about how he is, or is not, going to ride Gus's horse in a race.

Leon: "I just want Escalante to like me, and to ride this horse quite quickly."
Porky Pig: "Even though he is fucking with us, we have to pretend not to be excited and also be excited. Now, go be less fat."
Leon & Porky Pig: "[Cajun nonsense.]"


That mean security guard shows up to talk to the Degenerates, having been fired from the racetrack after his loan sharking was discovered.

Wheels: "I certain did not drop the dime on you, although you are a parasite hump."
Kagle: "I just want to talk to Jerry, okay?"

Jerry: "Wheels didn't mess with you. And I am sorry that your corrupt ass got caught."
Kagle: "I have money problems. I have recently been arrested for shitting in the street."
Jerry: "I have not in some time met a man in worse shape than I am."
Kagle: "Remember how I used to spit in your eye while loaning you money?"
Jerry: "Well, I could really use a feeling of control these days. I think you have a little barf on your sweater, buddy."
Kagle: Is somehow a sympathetic figure at this point.

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