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Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Horses
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Ace went to jail to save his nephew from the drug-dealing machinations of Dumbledore, and when he got out he hired a little boy to use against him. Leon was getting fat and passing out. Joan Allen was trying to establish an ex-con/dying horse matchmaking service. The Degenerates bought a horse, and Jerry was having poker problems. Ronnie fell off a horse and became a drug addict, so the Old Man once again uprooted Rosie and hauled her back to Santa Anita.


Jerry's having a time of it, taking a little break in his constant throwing away of money to splash some water on his face. He looks like hell.

Chan: "I think perhaps your priorities are not in order. You seem to have a gambling problem."
Jerry: "I think you will soon have a foot-up-your-ass problem."
Chan: "It's not even like I'm playing very complicated head games with you. You make it easy."
Jerry: "I have emotional problems from way back."


Rosie: "Old Man, I hope you make up your mind soon. I am a beautiful young woman and a promising athlete, and you keep making me move all around the Pacific region."
Smith: "We'll see. In the meantime, have yourself a magical horse moment."
Rosie: "It will go on and on."


Degenerates: "Maybe we shouldn't always be hanging around Escalante like this. He gets pretty paranoid. Or maybe we should do something with our lives that's less unsavory."
Wheels: "Don't be silly. We've always hung out in this exact spot, acting gross. Why change just because we hired the worst person in the world to train our horse?"
Degenerates: "Also, where is Jerry? I miss him for some reason."
Escalante: "I'm in a good mood because I got fisted by Jill Hennessey last night, so I'm only going to be half my usual amount of cocksucker."
Degenerates: "It's cool, we don't have much self-respect."


Leon: "Can I talk to you, Escalante?"
Escalante: "No, because you can barely talk. What do you want?"
Leon: "[It remains a mystery.]"

Escalante: "Hey, is Leon getting fat?"
Porky Pig: "Jockeys are measured in mols."

Porky Pig: "Ronnie, how's it going being a huge drug addict?"
Ronnie: "I'm still maintaining better than Jerry, for some reason."
Porky Pig: "Can I offer you some advice?"
Ronnie: "This coffee contains enough cat tranquilizers to fell Delphi himself."
Porky Pig: "Is that How They Killed Him?"

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