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Ace's PO is surprised to see that they've cleared the place for him to do his daily constitutional on the treadmill; Ace is surprised in turn that the guy lets him do his urine test in relative private rather than watching, like last time. They make cute conversation, and this little bit of kindness or connection seems to have a good effect on him. Or else it strengthens him for today's evil!


What I think is happening is that Walter Smith, our Old Man, is saying that his horse -- which is named Gettin' Up Morning -- is ready to race. He signs all the paperwork and is super sweet with the lady, and names Drunk Ronnie as the rider. I think his passive gravitas in this case signals a certain jubilation? I mean, you can't go by what he's saying since you can't understand a damn thing he's saying. Dealing with him is like watching a giant blue whale swim by: There's more to him than you can look at, and the eye always seems like it's smiling.


Escalante sits with Gus, watching them exercise his horse and saying whatever things Escalante deems important enough to say but are hard to understand. When a horse gets loose on the track apparently what it does at that point is run in whatever direction it feels like running. So it is that an alarm starts going off, and Gus and Escalante run onto the track, all worried. The rogue horse runs -- for some reason -- directly at Gus's horse, but Gus's horse is pretty chill about it. Escalante says that this is a sign that Gus's horse has "a good mind," and you know that's going in the vault of lovely things for Gus to think about, as he slowly falls in love with his horse. There is so much people falling in love with horses on this show, but this episode there is even more than usual.


Wheels: "Let's all talk really stylized. I'll go first."
Twitch: "I am so worried about my friend that got beat up by those surprising old harpy women with their hard fake boobs."

Jerry: "I'm not really that worried because I am the biggest addict of all, but hey guys! I just dropped by to say that I will be visiting the Cowboy later today about buying back the horse he won in the shake last week. And then go see Escalante about training him. I'm the only one of the group that looks even vaguely like a person, and I am blessed with mobility, so I'm happy to do it. As long as at the end of the day I can go do my favorite drug, called Poker."
Twitch: "We're buying a horse!"

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