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"Back to You, Bob"
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Ace got out of jail, Gus bought a horse, Porky Pig stuttered, various tiny jockeys had their tiny jockey dreams, a horse went crunch, Nick Nolte was weird and wonderful, various gross track-rats -- including Escalante the trainer -- won a bunch of cash, and Jill Hennessey stuck her hand up a horse, and Milch explained himself thusly:

"My belief is that we are a single beating heart, mistakenly perceiving ourselves as separate, each from the other. If you ask me to define the word 'luck,' I would say it is the moment when we experience that simultaneity. It can come at the most surprising goddamn times and ways."



Ace meets with his parole officer, noting his PO's admiration for Malcolm X and the music of Jazz. Even though he is wearing a suit, he does not let the ickiness of providing a urine sample get him down. Even inside, he explains, accommodations were made for his pee-shyness. Not so much these days. One assumes some motherfucker will pay for this latest outrage, but it won't be the PO. That one, Ace likes.

Gus: "You just got invited to lunch, also."
Ace: "I hope it's with a bunch of people who don't have names and all kind of look the same and speak in unrealistically stylized ways."
Gus: "I think that's to be presumed."


Irish Lass: "I still really want to ride the Old Man's horse."
That Hot Drunk Jockey: "And you're still never going to."
Irish Lass: "Let's just exercise these horses."
Hot Drunk Jockey: "And talk about how great the Old Man's horse is. And who his father was. And How They Killed Him. Forever."


An Unpleasant Asian Stereotype Named Lester: "In this scene I will needle Jerry the Psychic Addict for a million years. This will show the passage of time, because Jerry doesn't really have anything to do in this episode besides be amazed that his gross friends are gross."
Jerry: "I mostly gamble for a personality. I also do that in this episode."
Dealer: "Lester Wins!"
Lester: "[More needling, in this sing-songy ching-chongy opium-den bullshit semiotic-flashcard way that is really unfortunate]."


Is with Buffalo Bill, and that hotelier DiRossi from last week. The one that Ace flipped out on for no reason. Soon, that will not narrow things down, but right now it's still the only thing he really did last week. Buffalo Bill is some other kind of mobster or something. They are all mobsters. We still don't know exactly why Ace is so very angry or what his ultimate aim might be, but if I had to guess I would say probably it's because they are all mobsters.

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