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Flashback! Kate enters a U.S. Army recruiting office, glancing around as she does so. She approaches the desk of Sgt. Sam Austen. Blink and you'll miss it, but in the corner of the office is a television, and for a split-second as Kate approaches her presumably birth-father's desk, we can see Sayid on it.

Sgt. Sam sees Kate and hastily gets off the phone. Kate sits down and says, "Hi, Dad." Sgt. Dad says the police and the U.S. Marshals are looking for her. "I've been waiting outside for two hours. They're not here," she says. So Sgt. Dad asks her if it's true what they're saying. Strangely, Kate looks like she's thinking about the question. "Katie, what'd you come here for?" says Sgt. Dad sternly. "Why didn't you tell me, Dad?" Tell you what? asks Sgt. Dad. Kate says she was making a scrapbook for him for his birthday. "So I called one of your COs to get some pictures of you in uniform. The pictures that he sent me had dates on the back. Photos of you in Korea up until four months before I was born." Sgt. Dad's looking like, oh, shit. "Why didn't you tell me that Wayne was my father? Why?" She's attracting the attention of others in the office. Sgt. Dad says, "I didn't tell you because I knew you'd kill him." Wow, that makes absolutely no sense. "And your mother…loved him," he continues. "You were five years old. I wanted to take you along with me. She wouldn't let me." So if I understand this correctly, Wayne put a baby in Kate's mom, that baby was Kate, Kate's mom got with Sgt. Dad, they broke up when Kate was five, Kate's mom got back with Wayne. Check. But nobody told Kate that Wayne was her real birth father; we don't know why neither Wayne nor Kate's mom told her, and apparently Sgt. Dad figured that if Kate, the corn-fed Iowa straight-A student, knew Wayne was her real dad, she'd kill him for some reason. What is this, Alias? "So why didn't you kill him?" says Kate. Okay, what? Why would Sgt. Dad kill Wayne? Are we supposed to take that to mean Kate's mom cheated on Sgt. Dad with Wayne? Or that Sgt. Dad knows that Wayne beats Kate's mom? Maybe his answer will clear everything up. "Because I don't have murder in my heart," he says. Okay, what the hell? What exactly did Kate do as a child that Sgt. Dad sees her as a cold-blooded murderer? She gets up. So does he. He says he's going to have to call the police. "Can I have an hour?" asks Kate. He nods, and he looks like he's trying to smile, the kind of smile you'd get if you were simultaneously passing a kidney stone. They hug, and Kate says, "Bye, Daddy." And he's getting choked up, and she leaves the office.

Anyway, back in the hatch, Kate sits by Sawyer's side and asks if he can hear her. Sawyer doesn't stir. She leans forward, and says, "Wayne?" And Sawyer stirs, says something like "son of a…" And can I request that the writers of this show stop smoking crack, because then maybe we wouldn't get scenes like this one where apparently Wayne is still inhabiting Sawyer's body and Kate tells him why she killed him, especially if something ridiculous like "It's because I hated that you were a part of me, that I would never be good." Like she says, it's not because he drove Sgt. Dad away, or the way he looked at her, or because he beat her mom. Kate was so distraught about being Wayne's kid that she killed him for it (like Sgt. Dad knew she would, somehow). Oh, and the kicker is that every time she looks at Sawyer, every time she feels something for him, she sees Wayne, and it makes her sick. If it makes her feel better, she's not the only one feeling sick.

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