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I can't allow you to do that, Michael

At that moment we hear a neighing, and a black horse flashes across the road in front of the car. The marshal swerves, the car goes off the road and slams into a telephone pole. Kate catches her breath, looks over, and sees that the marshal is unconscious, facedown in his airbag. You know, his transports of Kate never seem to go too well, do they? She reaches in his pocket for the keys to her cuffs. He comes to, and she hits him, and they struggle, and she kicks him out of the driver's seat onto the ground, where he lies in a heap. Kate shifts over to the driver's side, tries the ignition, and the car still works, and she backs it up a bit (in fact, the front of the car looks as though it never actually hit a pole. I don't think that's the impression we're supposed to get, though). She turns the headlights back on (the marshal apparently thoughtfully turned them off when he hit the pole) and there in front of her is the black horse, standing there snorting. She looks at it a moment, then drives off, leaving the marshal on the side of the road and not even giving the horse a thank-you wave.

In the hatch's computer room, Michael is still asking questions about the button, like, this is the most inquisitive anyone has ever been on this show about anything. He wants to know why Locke can't just put the numbers in any old time. "It doesn't work that way. The alarm goes off at four minutes; you can't type anything until then," says Locke, who taps on the keyboard to demonstrate. Michael asks if Locke minds if he checks out some of this hardware, like it's Locke's hardware. Locke says sure, advising Mike not to break it. Well, that was the plan, Locke.

Locke walks into the kitchen, sees Eko sitting at the table. They both say hello, Eko looking very solemn. "I have something you should see," says Eko, and Locke sits down across from him, and Eko continues. "If you don't mind, I will begin at the beginning." Locke gives him a "go ahead" gesture. "Long before Christ, the king of Judah was a man named Josiah," he starts, and Locke has to interrupt to crack: "Boy, when you say 'beginning,' you mean beginning." Heh. Eko spins a tale about the temple where people worshipped falling into ruin, so the people worshipped false gods and idols, and the kingdom was in disarray and whatnot. Josiah, "since he was a good king," sent the secretary to the treasury so they could rebuild the temple, telling the secretary to give the gold to the workers to make it happen. "But when the secretary returned, he had no gold. And when Josiah asked why this was, the secretary replied, 'We found a book.'" Shot of the canvas-wrapped parcel in front of Eko on the table. Eko pauses to ask Locke if he knows this story. Locke says he doesn't.

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