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I can't allow you to do that, Michael

We're in the special screening of Orientation, and Dr. Candle is explaining about entering the code into the computer. Michael and Eko sit on the couch watching. Locke's over to the side, all, "Oh, I love this part! Watch what happens here!"

The film ends, and Locke shuts off the projector. Michael's perplexed. "All right, so you've been pushing that button every two hours since you got down here?" Locke says that's right, and explains about the shifts. The camera zooms in on Eko while Michael asks if the other Lostaways don't want to know why they have to push the button. "I think the film's pretty self-explanatory," says Locke. Well, you're the only one, Locke. Michael calls him on it: "All I heard was something about electromagnets and an incident." He asks Locke about the missing sections on the film, which Locke figures is just a frame here or there, nothing important. Then he asks Eko what he thinks about the movie. Eko has been silent the entire time, and now he just gets up and leaves. Dude, it wasn't that bad.

Kate sits by Shannon's grave looking miserable. Sayid approaches, kneeling down, hanging some sort of necklace over the cross. Kate apologizes for missing the funeral, saying she had to be with Sawyer. "Why aren't you with him now?" asks Sayid. He doesn't sound all that interested in the trials and tribulations of Kate, actually. She says she's going crazy, and asks Sayid if he believes in ghosts. "I saw Walt in the jungle just before Shannon was shot," he says. Long pause. Then he asks her, "Does that make me crazy?" Well, given that you know Shannon saw him too, I'm going to say no, Sayid. You could mention that to Kate, you know. ["This is what consistently drives me buggy about this show. Why would he not tell her that, complete the thought? People do not interact with each other in this cryptic way! Just have a little redheaded kid pop up and yell, 'Plot point!' instead; it'd be more organic than this Morse-code system of information sharing they've got now. …Hi, not my recap. Sorry, D." -- Sars] Instead, Sayid gets up and strolls off.

We flash back to Kate in the passenger seat of a car driven in the rainy night by the marshal, who decides to ask her why she decided to kill Wayne now. She's silent. "Oh, right, yeah, don't tell me. You wouldn't want to incriminate yourself, not after you were so smart planning it. That jury back in Iowa sure ain't gonna get hung up on premeditation. And a gas leak? Come on, it's amateur hour from top to bottom," he says. She sarcastically says it sounds like he's got it all figured out. "I do have you all figured out," he says, and she spits that he doesn't know anything about her. So he outlines the Jerry Springer casting call that is her life: "White trash mom divorces dad, starts up with some guy who's a drinker. He knocks her around a little bit, she marries him, because, you know, that's what happens. And then this drunk, this Wayne, he moves into your house, and you get to lay there every night and listen to him doing your mom right there in Daddy's old bedroom. And even that wouldn't be so bad if he didn't beat her up all the time. But she loves him. She defends him." Like he asked earlier, he just wants to know what she waited all these years to blow Wayne up now: "He come knocking on your door late at night?" She turns to glare at him. "He never touched me," she snarls. He looks at her a moment, trying to gauge if she's telling the truth or not. Then he leans forward to use the car's cigarette letter.

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