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I can't allow you to do that, Michael

Charlie's strumming his guitar by the fire when Jack strolls up to ask him if he's seen Kate. Charlie says he did, a while ago in the jungle. "She was acting kind of barmy [which the closed-captioning hilariously transcribes as 'balmy'], asking me about horses on the island," he says. Charlie points him toward the path heading back to the caves. "Everything okay?" he asks, and Jack stomps off and says, "Yeah, Charlie. Everything's fine," all sarcastic, like it's Charlie's fault or something. Which I'm not convinced it isn't.

In the hatch, Locke uses these huge bolt cutters to finally get the handcuff off Jin's wrist. Jin rubs his wrist and smiles, then shakes Locke's hand and says, "Thank you." Holy shit! Jin speaks English! They're in the computer room, and Jin walks over to Michael, who's examining the door. Jin holds up the handcuff, and he and Michael share a smile. You know, the inside jokes and memories that friends share on this island are so far removed from the ones I have with my friends. With us, it's "Remember that time when we went bowling for the school bar staff party?" Here, it's "Remember that time I was handcuffed to plane wreckage because I attacked you because you were wearing the watch that belonged to the father of my wife, who I suspected you of coveting, especially with the way she sometimes has too many buttons undone on her shirt?"

Jin leaves, and Michael asks Locke what's up with the blast doors. Locke's all, "'Blast doors'?" "Like in the case of an explosion, they'll come down from the ceiling," says Michael. Locke looks up and examines what looks like a line of interlocking T's in the ceiling. Michael asks if Desmond didn't say anything about them. "No, he didn't. But he did leave a movie," says Locke. That one that's the all about Karen Carpenter's life but acted out with Barbie dolls? I heard about that shit! Locke asks Michael if he wants to see it, and Michael gives an assenting shrug. And Eko, who for a big huge guy manages to suddenly show up without anyone noticing pretty easily, says he'd like to see it too, "if you don't mind." "Why not? The more the merrier," says Locke.

Out in the jungle, Kate is sitting down, feeling sorry for herself. Her mood can only be improved by Jack showing up to give her shit for leaving the hatch and leaving Sawyer lying on the floor. "Is he okay?" asks Kate, genuinely concerned. "Yes, Kate, he's fine," says Jack, the "no thanks to you" unspoken. Kate gets up to leave and says she's sorry, and Jack's all "are you?" so Kate turns back and spits out, "I'm sorry I'm not as perfect as you. I'm sorry I'm not as good!" Jack's all, whoa, and he asks what's going on with her. She tells him to forget it and turns to leave again, but he grabs her and hugs her, and she fights him and then starts to cry while he tells her it's okay in his big Jack doctor arms and she burbles about this place driving her crazy, and Jack tells her again that it's all right, and then they gaze into each other's eyes, and then they're kissing while the strings swell, and they suck face for about five hours before coming up for air. Kate steps back, looking kind of remorseful, and she turns around and walks away. She's halfway back to the beach before Jack can muster up a half-hearted "Kate."

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