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I can't allow you to do that, Michael

The needle on the record is skipping up against the label, and the alarm is buzzing as Locke and Jack enter the hatch. Jack starts yelling for Kate while Locke heads to the computer room, where the timer is at twenty-three seconds. Jack rushes into the makeshift long-term care unit, and finds Sawyer face down on the floor.

Meanwhile, Locke frantically enters the magic numbers into the computer, stumbling over twenty-three (entering twenty-two instead), and the timer hits 0:00 very briefly before resetting to 108.

Jack struggles to lift Sawyer back onto his bed. Locke comes in to help, asks what happened. Jack says he doesn't know. "But you said…" says Locke, and Jack interrupts him with, "I don't know, John!" Yeah, really, Locke. Jack got there at the same time you did. Locke hasn't learned his lesson, though, and asks where Kate is.

Before Jack can snap at him again, we cut to Kate strolling through the jungle, and she's not so upset that a little chat with Charlie can't make her feel even worse. The little hobbit comes running up and tells her that she missed the funeral. She tells him she was with Sawyer, which he accepts. "A few of them came," says Charlie. "The new people. Not her, the one who killed Shannon. That would have been awkward." As awkward as this dialogue? Charlie says the Tailaways seem to have had a "rough time" of it, as opposed to themselves, for whom it's been smooth goddamn sailing, apparently. "Looks like they went bloody Lord of the Flies out there," he says, referencing easily the greatest novel ever to begin with "Lord of the…" Then he notices that she's not paying attention to him, which you'd think he'd get used to at some point. She asks him if he thinks there are horses here, because she saw one. Charlie says he's seen polar bears and heard monsters, but no horses. Seems to me the existence of the polar bears and the monsters makes the horses a lot more plausible, but Kate just stomps off.

She stomps into a flashback to a bus or a train station, where she counts some cash onto the ticket counter and asks for a one-way ticket to Tallahassee. The guy behind her, who's shot from behind so we can't see his face, says, "Tallahassee? I spent a week in Tallahassee one night." I have no idea why they didn't just show the marshal's face right away here, as hiding it only tells us that they're going to make a big reveal, and who else would they do that for? I guess, judging by the creaky old joke he just busted out, it could be Henny Youngman. Or fucking Mark Twain, for Christ's sake. Meanwhile, the "stranger" starts busting on how Tallahassee is all strip malls and waffle houses, and he asks what a "pretty young thing" (Michael Jackson?) like her is gonna do down there. She says she'll find something, and he theorizes that she has family down there. She turns around to tell him to his face that she's just visiting, and OHMYGOD IT'S THE MARSHAL! Run, Kate! But turns out this is when they met, so Kate doesn't know who he is yet. She turns back to the ticket counter, but the marshal says "hey!" a couple of times to get her attention. She turns around again. "Don't I know you?" he says. Suddenly suspicious, she glances around, and notices that the guy on the phone and the guy on the bench pretending to read a newspaper seem a little too interested in their conversation. "No, I don't think so," she says, and makes to leave, but he grabs her arm and presses his face next to her ear. "Don't run, Kate," he says. She pops him in the gut and then the chin, taking him by surprise, but he still manages to spin her around and flatten her against the ticket counter with her arms behind her back. Meanwhile, the two most conspicuous undercover cops in the world spring into action, which is nice since the marshal's already got things under control. "Kate Austen, you're under arrest for murder," he says. I see she's still wearing that Janis Joplin T-shirt, and I hope for the marshal's sake she's found time to wash it. Either that or this happened right after she blew Wayne up. She protests her innocence, but the marshal tells her that her mama gave her up.

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