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I can't allow you to do that, Michael

Apparently, not everyone's going to go to the funeral. Ana's on the beach, hammering a stick into the ground. Let's assume she's setting up her own campsite, and let's further assume she's not Sayid's next-door neighbour. Eko strolls up. Just making small talk. He tells her he's going to go to the funeral. Ana-Lucia's all, me? Not so much with that. Eko squats down. "I think most of them realize it was an accident," he says. Ana-Lucia looks at him a moment, and continues to pound her stake into the ground using her actual fists, that's how tough she is. Side note: surely there are some extra clothes the Tailaways can wear? They're still in the grungy togs they've been wearing all along, which are soooo other side of the island.

Everyone gathers for Shannon's funeral, with the speaking cast shoving their way to the front of the crowd for the best vantage points. There's Sayid looking lost. Nope, still not buying it. Sorry. It's not Naveen Andrews' fault; I'm just sayin'. He looks down at the wrapped body in the grave, then begins his eulogy. "Shannon and I were strangers," he says. "We never would have met, if…" He falters, starts again. "Wouldn't even have spoken if…" I can finish that for you: You never would have met or spoken if Shannon had gotten her way and you were thrown in jail for leaving your bag unattended at the airport, Sayid. "But we did meet. And we did speak. And I did tap that," he says. He's really distraught, and finally just says, "I loved her." He grimaces. Him and me both. Everyone looks suitably emotional or embarrassed, as that's all Sayid can say, and he walks away.

Jack decides to step up, but all he says is, "May she rest in peace," and he throws a handful of dirt in the grave, and everyone else follows suit, and that's it, like NICE FUNERAL, and naturally the speaking cast all get to throw dirt on the grave before anyone else does.

Down in the hatch, Kate puts on a record, and it's the incomparable Patsy Cline singing "Walkin' After Midnight." She smiles. Then she's mashing up food and talking to the still-unconscious Sawyer, telling him that he'll get a kick out of waking up to her feeding him like a baby. Then she tells him that she saw a horse. As she says it, she seems not to believe it. "That's what happens when you don't sleep," she says. Sawyer starts muttering, so Kate comes over so she can hear. It would have killed me if this time he said, "Where is he?" and "I love him," but instead he mutters "good for nothing" and then his eyes open and he grabs Kate: "You killed me. Why did you kill me!" Kate looks terrified, probably because the spirit of Wayne is now inhabiting the body of Sawyer, and this is the way we suspend our disbelief this week.

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