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I can't allow you to do that, Michael

Michael's screwing around in the computer room, and we can hear Dr. Candle going on in the other room as Eko and Locke watch the special-edition Orientation: Eko's Cut. "Here it comes!" says Locke, like we're not going to be able to know the material simply by playing "Spot the Difference" with Dr. Candle. And this is what he says in the new snippet, in the middle of talking about not using the computer for anything other than entering the code: "This is its only function. The isolation that attends the duties associated with Station 3 may tempt you to try and utilize the computer for communication with the outside world. This is strictly forbidden. Attempting to use the computer in this manner will compromise the integrity of the project and worse, could lead to another incident. I repeat, do not use the computer for anything other than entering the code."

Wow, that's it? There was an incident? The new snippet says, essentially, "No, seriously, don't use the computer for anything else"? Well, at least they didn't try to make this into an episode cliffhanger. Eko and Locke look at each other like, "Special edition my ass."

In the computer room, the timer makes a bing sound. Maybe that's because it's been stopped, at fifty-one minutes. Michael looks around for something else to fuck with, when the timer (or maybe it's the computer) bings again. He looks at the screen, and instead of just the angry smiley cursor, there is a single word: "Hello?" and a blinking cursor beneath it. Michael seems to think about alerting Locke, but instead sits down, types "Hello?" as well. "Who is this?" run the new words on the screen. "18/F/Craphole Island," he types. Or possibly just "This is Michael. Who is this?" There's a long pause before the reply. And then: "Dad?" Michael's jaw drops open.

You know, we've had a lot of fun here tonight. But there's nothing funny about killing people in gas-leak explosions. If you're ever tempted, remember: only losers kill people in gas-leak explosions. So stay safe, and that way we can all go to the diner for pie. Contact your local chapter of Mothers Against Killing People In Gas-Leak Explosions for more information.

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