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Ben calls after him, "I'm sorry you feel that way, John, and I'm sorry that you are too limited to see." Locke just shakes his head, calls Ben pathetic, and heads to the door. As he pulls open the door he hears a voice plead, "Help Me." Locke turns back to Ben and asks him what he said. Ben denies saying anything. But Locke is not having it. He turns his flashlight on Ben, which causes the entire room to go apeshit. Someone is going buckshot wild in the shooting gallery! They're going for the big prize! The rocking chair goes up and down, the windows get smashed, a lantern falls on the ground and starts a fire, jars get cracked, stuff is thrown. Ben grabs the rocking chair and shouts, "That's enough! You've had your fun!" Ben goes flying against the wall of the cabin. At that, Locke makes a break for it and stumbles out of the shack. Ben zombie walks after him. Locke asks what that was. Ben replies, "That was Jacob."

In the morning, Ben and Locke begin their long walk back to camp. How big is this freakin' Island anyway? Sheesh. As they walk, Ben asks, "What did you hear in there, John? What did Jacob say to you last night?" Locke snorts, "Jacob didn't say anything to me. You did. I don't buy the whole show you put on. You're a fraud, and it's time your people knew the truth. And this is not the way we came." Locke looks around the woods proving his tracking skills. Ben admits that he is taking them back a different way because he wanted to show Locke something. In a shocking turn of events, Locke replies, "I've seen enough." Wow, John Locke, I never thought I would live to see the day you had seen enough. Ben looks taken aback and tries to rekindle his interest, "You're not wrong you know. Many of the things I told you were not true. For example, I wasn't actually born on this Island." Locke is almost interested, "So if you weren't born here, where did you come from?" Ben smiles, "That's what I want to show you."

Young Ben is all grown up and following in his father's footsteps. He too is a workman. He even has a khaki jumpsuit. So much for his free high-quality education! He plays with the little girl dolly that is sitting on his table. He puts it in his bag and heads out the door to go work with his dad. His father is older and has apparently avoided all attempts at parental improvement, because as soon as Ben comes up he asks what the heck is wrong now? Apparently Ben is usually Chatty Cathy in the morning. Ben does look morose, but it's because it's his birthday again. He can't believe that he still thinks his dad will remember his birthday one of these years. Roger looks a bit guilty and suggests that after they make their run out to Pearl station, they can drive up to the mesa to drink some beers and have some father/son bonding. Ben says he would love that.

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