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I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found
er life, brother." Gulp.

Hydra: Sawyer and Kate swim ashore and find Claire on the beach. After they ride out another tremor, Sawyer looks up to see more of Craphole falling into the sea. Meanwhile, Frank, Richard and Miles are revving up the plane. Kate runs to Claire and when Sawyer sees the plane moving some distance away, he hollers that they've got to go and get on it. Claire screams that she can't. "LOOK AT ME! This island's made me crazy. I don't want Aaron to see me like this. I don't even know how to be a mother anymore." Kate kneels in front of her. "Listen to me, none of us do, at least not at first, but you're not alone. Let me help you." Provided your mother doesn't shoot me on sight when I try to get within three continents of the tyke. Claire's finally won over. She, Kate and Sawyer rush toward the plane. It starts to move. Kate tells Sawyer to tell Frank they're coming. Sawyer's magically waterproof walkie talkie still works, but God has pushed Frank's walkie off the copilot seat. It's on the floor and with engines running, no one hears James' call. Just as the plane is ready to taxi down the runway Sawyer and Kate made all those years ago, Frank sees them run in front of the plane. "Boys, we've got some late arrivals, open the door."

Glow Cave: Jack makes it to the Tubey cork, manages to lift it and drops it into the hole. He drags himself to the edge of the empty pool and lies there panting, as nothing changes.

Hydra: Claire's on the plane first, then Kate, then Sawyer. Miles: "Way to wait 'til the last second, Jim." Sawyer: "Good to see you too, Enos." Frank orders them to buckle up and puts the plane in gear. The ground beneath it is giving way, but Frank's behind the wheel and Daddy's putting the hammer down. He talks to the craft 'til she's in the air. As she climbs to the skies, Frank says, "Amen." Miles and Richard finally breathe. Kate holds tight to Claire's hand. Sawyer looks out his window and bids a silent goodbye to that "rock."

Tubey Hole: It's still red, steamy and nasty down there, even though Darth Tubey is all corked up. Jack, suffering on the floor, looks around. He notices something we can't see at first. It's water. Whatever source feeds the pool has started back up. The light returns, filing the cavern and bathing Jack in its glow. The waterfall runs again. Up above, Ben and Hurley realize the light's back on. They immediately pull on the rope, as Jack lies below, enjoying the nervous breakdown he's so very much earned. When Hurley realizes it's Desmond at the end of the rope, he cries, "NO" and hollers for Jack, but Jack can't answer the call, Hugo. Not this time. Commercial.

St. Lamp Post's Church; Exterior: Locke arrives in a taxi. After the cabbie helps him into his chair, he wheels his way toward the entry, and meets up with none other than Dr. Benjamin Linus, who killed him there and saved him here. Ben thinks most of them are already inside, so Locke smiles and continues on his way until Ben calls out: "I'm very sorry for what I did to you, John." Locke turns his chair back to Ben who continues: "I was selfish, jealous -- I wanted everything you had." This amuses Locke. "What did I have?" Ben: "You were special, John. And I wasn't." Locke grins at that. "Well, if it helps, Ben, I forgive you." Ben: "Thank you, John. That does help. It matters more than I can say." Locke asks what he'll do now. Ben: "I have some things I still need to work out. I think I'll stay here a while." As Locke wheels his way to the church, Ben adds: "You know, I don't think you need to be in that chair, anymore." And Locke stands up. HOORAY! "Goodbye, Ben." He strides up the stairs like a man half his age, opens the door, and walks in, as Ben looks on.

Glow Cave; Exterior: Ben tries to make an unconscious Desmond comfortable while Hurley sits and comes to terms with all he's lost and gained. The stream to the cave is flowing nicely again. The glowhole's light is as warm as ever. When Ben says he thinks Des is going to be okay, Hurley non-sequiturs: "Jack's...gone. Isn't he?" Ben's silent agreement brings Hurley to tears. Ben tries his best to offer comfort. "He did his job, Hugo." Hurley looks up. "It's my job, now. What the Hell am I supposed to do?" Ben tells him to do what he does best -- take care of people. "You could start by helping Desmond get home." Hurley asks how. "People can't leave the Island." Ben: "That's how Jacob ran things. Maybe there's another way -- a better way." Hurley then commits an act of such stark grace, it leaves me breathless. He asks Ben to be his second. And in Whoville they say the Benry's heart grew three sizes that day. Ben is deeply honored. He's been waiting for validation all his life, and he finally gets it from a grieving young man who bears the weight of the world not with pride, but humility.

Sideways; St. Lamp Post's Church; Exterior: Ben's still sitting outside when Hugo comes to the door. "Oh hey, dude." He gestures toward the church. "We're all inside." Ben says he doesn't think he's coming in. Hugo frowns and starts back in, pausing in the door to say, "You know, you were a real good number 2." Ben: "And you were a great number 1, Hugo." Hugo: "Thanks, dude."

Jack pulls up in the church parking lot. Kate's in his passenger seat. Jack mentions that he was going to have his father's funeral there. "He died, in Australia." Kate nods; her voice is soft. "I'm sorry." Jack asks why she brought him there. Kate: "Because this is where you were going to have your father's funeral. You can go in around back." Jack asks her where she's going. "Inside. I'll be waiting for you in there, once you're ready." Jack: "Ready for what?" Kate: "To leave." He watches her walk away for a moment and then stares straight ahead. We cut to...

Island: Jack wakes up in the same place where Jacob found Esau's corpse, 2000 years or so ago. He's naught but the living dead. Stumbling to his feet and clutching his mortal wound, he embarks on his final journey.

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