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I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found
ity.com/show/lost/la_x_part_ii_2.php?page=4">It worked." I've seen a lot of people questioning this, so I just want to confirm: yep. That's the source of the message Miles heard from her corpse or spirit or whatever, back on Craphole. Remember, Juliet was straddling both realities as she died. She must have seen this happen right before her death -- after the "coffee" conversation. Yes it was a misdirect. This is a mystery show. It was resolved. I don't see any problem with it, even though I was wrong about what it meant, too. It's not like her dying words (as opposed to those Miles heard after she was dead) weren't meaningful. Speaking of...it's time for that, right now.

When James grabs the Apollo bar from Juliet, they flash instantly and simultaneously. Dharmaville kitchen kissing. Talking on the dock late at night. Back in the present, Juliet and James jump to their feet and back. James: "Whoa. Did you feel that?" Juliet's trying to catch her breath. She closes the gap between them. "We should get coffee sometime." James would love to, but the machine ate his money; he's only got one buck left. Juliet (tearfully): "We could go Dutch." We flash to a dying Juliet saying that in the hatch pit. In the present, she grabs his candy bar hand. Kitchen embrace. Dock talk. Spooning in their Dharmaville bed. Kissing, hugging, sunflowering. Sad talk by the window. James holding onto Juliet so she won't fall down the Swan shaft. Their hands slipping apart. James screaming.

In the present, James finally says her name. "Juliet. Juliet it's me." Her eyes are closed. He grabs her face in his hands. She caresses his cheeks. He takes her into his arms and she sobs on his shoulder as he strokes her hair and comforts her. "It's me, baby," and then, "I gotcha. I gotcha, baby." Weeping, she pulls her head off his shoulder to look him in the eyes. Her laughter bubbles up through her tears. "Kiss me, James." James: "You got it, Blondie." Their kisses close out the scene. This is the 8th time I cry.

Sideways; Concert: Jack arrives at the concert to find only the stragglers left. He takes his phone out (to call his son who no longer exists?) and that's when she comes strutting out from under the tent. "It's over." Jack flips his phone closed. "Excuse me?" Kate gestures behind her. "The concert -- it's over." While Jack is agitated, Kate looks like she just had the best spa day ever. She cocks her head playfully. "You lookin' for someone?" Jack scans the grounds as he answers. "Yeah. My son. I was supposed to bring him here tonight, and then I couldn't come, and..." Kate stares into his eyes until he chuckles. He says, "I'm sorry," as he walks toward her. "Where do I remember you from?" Kate: "I stole your pen." Jack laughs. "What?" Kate: "Uh, Oceanic 815 from Sydney. I bumped into you coming out of the bathroom. I stole your pen. Jack: "And that's how I know you?" Kate's voice is raspy, her eyes -- sad. "No, that's not how you know me."

She closes the distance between them and in a wide shot, those in the audience who had no interest in six seasons of Shirtless Sawyer are consoled with one va-va-va-voom shot of a surprisingly leggy Kate -- in a dress that gives her curves her Island togs just could not. Kate grabs Jack's face with both hands. And oh my word, how many times have I typed that phrase in this recap? He has two quick flashes -- one of them sitting by the campfire at night; the other takes us back to the very first time they met. In the present, Kate, still with her you-know-whats you-know-where says, "I've missed you. So much." This is the ninth time I cry.

Jack flashes on their first kiss. It's too much for him. He's not ready to let go yet, so that he can reunite with the girl he wasn't ready to let go of, but ultimately did, so that he could cleave to the island -- corks and all -- and never let go, or something. He shrinks back from her touch and exhales. When Kate asks if he's okay, he looks up at the sky. "What is happening to me?" He approaches her, nearly in tears. "Who are you? I don't..." Kate clasps her hands together. "I know. You don't understand, Jack, but if you come with me you will." And you know, I've liked this couple from the get-go (although I think the writers botched things here and there, and I thought all possible pairings of the quadrangle could have appealed) but right now, I'm a petty little bitch. I'm looking at Kate (whom I like). She'll be in love all alone until Jack finally has his break-through. I know that's gotta hurt her and? It makes me so happy! Subtle, cosmic payback, for the win. As Jack looks at her, trying to figure things out, we WHOOOSH back...

Islandways; Jungle: The Jack-o-bites make their way back to the glow cave. Before Jack sets off for the Tubeyhole, Hurley realizes Jack won't survive and tells him he can't go. "No way, I'm not gonna let you die." Jack: "Hurley, I'm already dead. [...] This is the way it has to happen. This is what I'm supposed to do." Hurley: "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DIE." And then the strength of Hurley's will re-corks the Tubeyhole, inaugurates Ben as Island Protector, and whisks Des, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Claire, the plane boys and anyone else who wants to leave away to California, where they all live happily ever after, the end. AMIRITE? I'm not? Damn. Back to the DVR....

Hurley's entire shout-y line is: "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DIE! THE ISLAND NEEDS YOU." Eff the Island, dude. Jack struggles to his feet and clasps his hand on his friend's shoulder. "Hurley, it needs you. [...] It needs to be you, Hugo." When Hurley releases his denial in sobs and words, Jack tells him, "It was only supposed to be me so I could do this. But if someone has to take care of the Island -- if someone has to protect it -- then it should be you. Hurley, I believe in you." This is the millionth time I cry. Hurley lowers his head and growls that he'll take it. "But but it's only temporary. As soon as you get that light back on, I'm pulling you up and giving it right back to you. Deal?" Jack nods. "Deal." After another tremor rocks their crumbling world, Hurley makes his First Holy Island Communion, thanks to an old Oceanic water bottle Ben had in his backpack, and a little spring bubbling up under a rock and into a mud puddle. "Drink this." In remembrance of me. Hurley chugs it and asks, "Is that it?" Jack places his hand on his shoulder for the pronouncement: "Now you're like me." Hurley is honored, humbled and heartbroken. Jack is proud and touched. I'm slain. Thank goodness we cut to...

Ajira Plane: Frank starts it up and says they probably don't have the battery power for another go, if this one fails. Oh crap, we have to cut back to...

Glow Cave: As Hurley and Ben are gently lowering Jack to the Tubeyhole, there's another earthquake. Our big damn hero falls to the cavern floor, where he finds Desmond -- alive. Desmond explains what happened and adds, "It didn't work. I thought I'd leave this place. I'm still here. You were right, Jack." Jack: "Well, there's a first time for everything." Hee. Desmond wants to stay and finish the job since the electromagnetism will kill Jack, but Jack insists Des return to his wife and son. He wraps the rope around Des, who asks, "What about you, Jack?" Jack: "I'll see you in anoth

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