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I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found
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Sawyer, Hurley and Ben run to Jack and Kate, who fill them in on Faucke's possibly timely demise. Kate pronounces it "over" but you know -- there's still an hour left (holy crap). Sawyer peers over the edge of the cliff to see Faucke's twisted corpse for himself. When the earth moves, but not in a cage sex way, the gang is tossed hither and thither. Sawyer: "Sure don't feel like it's over."

Sideways; Sun's Hospital Room: Sun's up and all dressed in street clothes. She and Jin are just about ready to leave when they're visited by Detective James Ford. Jin smiles at him like a fangirl and nods approvingly at the badge -- tickled pink that the bitter con man he once knew, who he watched take over the Dharma Initiative's Security Force, has chosen well in this plane of existence. James is undone by grinning Jin, so he whips out Sayid's mugshot and explains he escaped. A uniformed officer will be assigned to keep them safe. Sun tells him he doesn't have to do that. "It's okay. I am safe." They leave Ford behind as they walk out. Jin beams at Ford, over his shoulder. "We'll see you there." When the door closes, James cries out in frustration: "See me where?"

Islandways; Hydra; Ajira 316: Because Miles has two summers' worth of experience renovating apartments, Frank deems him able to fix an airplane's faulty hydraulics with just a page of schematics, a flashlight and some duct tape. Richard goes with him and the whole thing is so absurd I don't even have to make a joke here. Frank is doing whatever else when Ben calls on the walkie. "Frank, how's it going over there? What's your timetable?" Frank yells, "Don't bother me," and throws the walkie down on the co-pilot's seat. Great, Frank. Where's God supposed to sit?

Main Island; Jacob's Cliff: Ben deadpans: "Sounds like they're making progress." Another tremor knocks our Jack-o-bites down but not out. While Sawyer insists they leave now, Kate fills in for the audience. "I don't understand; Locke's dead. Why is this still happening?" Jack: "Because whatever Desmond turned off -- I need to turn it back on, again. But if it doesn't work -- if I don't get it done -- you all need to leave now. You need to be on that plane." Oh Jack, couldn't you let Ben do that part? Kate's with me. Well, she doesn't mention Ben by name, but still.... She tells Jack to come with them; he doesn't have to seduce turn on the island. Jack says he must. Kate crouches down in front of him. "Let the island sink, Jack." Jack shakes his head. "I can't." Kate walks off a little, to regroup. If a wet t-shirt can't convince him, what can? Meanwhile, Sawyer tells Jack he can pilot the Elizabeth across the channel to Hydra in time. Jack rises and walks to him, bloody hand held out. Sawyer grasps it firmly; they shake. "Good luck to you, James." I lived with Kate once, and believe you me, I'm still making it up to my liver. Sawyer: "Thanks, Doc. For everything." They make out...with their eyes. Ben interrupts their moment and tosses his walkie to Sawyer with a shrug. "If the Island's going down, I'm going down with it." Meanwhile, Jack calls Hurley Hugo because he's noticed how careful I've been to call him Hurley on the Island and Hugo in the Sideways, and he likes to mess with me. He tells him he'd better get going, but Hurley refuses. He's not climbing down that cliff -- no way. "I'm with you, dude." Jack chortles. "Okay."

Jack comes over all Casablanca as he makes his way over to Kate to tell her she has to get Victor Laszlo Claire on that plane. He then says a hundred unspoken things with head bobs and deep breaths. Another single, perfect, womanly tear streams over Kate's freckles as she says, "Tell me I'm going to see you again." His lips move but no sound comes out. He shakes his head. He nods. He might be having a seizure. Nope. That's not it. Finally, finally, FINALLY -- Kate kisses him. Up on the windswept cliff, she kisses his lips right off. When they part, she's crying. "I love you." Jack's joy melts into pretty pretty man-pain. "I love you." He holds his gut as he walks away. Hurley follows right behind him. Ben completes the Jack-o-bite trinity. Kate swallows her sobs. This is the seventh time I cry.

Hydra; Plane: As Miles tapes (!!!) up the plane's hydraulics system, Richard asks, "Can you fix it?" Miles: "I don't believe in a lot of things, but I do believe in duct tape." Word. Soon there's another tremor. We cut to...

Main Island; Jacob's Cliff: Sawyer calls "Chesty" on the walkie. In a cut to Hydra, we see Richard answer, but when Sawyer says they're on their way in the sailboat and not to leave without them, Frank snatches it away. "We're getting off the ground while there's still ground to get off -- so if you wanna go, you'd better get your asses in gear." He throws the walkie onto God's seat, again. Back on the cliff, Sawyer yells, "Lapidus, Lapidus," and when he gets no answer, he utters his last Island "Son of a bitch." *Respectful pause*

Tossing down his backpack, he tells Kate they've got to jump. Now, for the last hour and 40 minutes or so, Kate's been holding her left arm at a right angle, on account of her gunshot wound to the shoulder. She looks at James then looks over the edge to the ocean far, far below, says, "I'll see you at the boat," and then RAISES BOTH ARMS IN THE AIR and jumps in feet first. Now that's some Island healing. In a feeble attempt to distract us from the actor and director's choice with the arm thing, Sawyer dives HEAD FIRST into unknown waters on a rocky shore. It almost works -- until I notice Kate's strong, smooth strokes as she swims out to the Elizabeth. Heh.

Sideways; St. Sebastian's: Detective James Ford is walking down the hospital corridor when he passes Jack, who -- in his suit (and sans ID tag) -- could be a doctor, but he could be a lawyer, a banker or a confidence man. As they pass, Sawyer asks where he can get some "grub." Jack: "Uh, the cafeteria's closed, but there's a vending machine down the hallway." Sawyer nods. "Thanks, Doc." Jack's slightly taken aback, but he's been shaking off bigger things all season, so he just says, "No problem." Sawyer's eyes follow him. The wee Kate who lives in the cabinet with my hair products says: "You checking him out?" Wee Jack hops off my son's sling. "What?" Wee Kate: "No harm in it." Wee Saywer (to Wee Jack): "If I was checking you out, you'd know it." Wee Kate: "Yeah, so then what were you thinking right now?" Wee Sawyer: "Well I sure as hell wasn't thinking that." Oh wee triangle, how I'll miss you. I must smish you, now.

Vending Machine: Sawyer puts his dollar in and selects the classic Apollo Bar, which gets stuck, because Jacob's dead and can't give it a nudge. He drops to his knees and sticks his hand up inside of the machine. Just as he realizes he's not going to be able to reach the candy, Dr. JULIET Carlson walks in. James' eyes travel slowly up her form as she asks, "Can I help you?" He straightens up. "It's okay. I'm a cop." Juliet: "Mmm. Maybe you should read the machine its rights." Hee. James lets a little laugh escape, but then ruins it by saying, "That's funny." Good thing this isn't an episode of Seinfeld. Juliet tells him the secret to life, the universe and everything not answered by 42. It's also an answer to Jack's dilemma over on the island. "If you unplug it and then you plug it back in again, the candy just drops right down." James: "Is that right?" Juliet: "Yes, and it's technically legal." They're having so much eyesex I'm afraid they'll go blind, so it's good that Jimbo moves to the outlet. When he unplugs the machine, the lights go out. James: "Oops." Juliet chuckles as she gets his candy. "Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14Next





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