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I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found
s his name. He flashes again. Claire and Charlie laugh by the fire. He plays guitar while she trims his hair. Claire scoops up Aaron, brings him to Charlie and kisses him on the cheek. Claire kisses him on the lips. Back in the present, his face positively crumbles. He grabs her face, she caresses his. Aaron cries. They kiss. Kate looks at them with a mixture of love and loneliness. Then Charlie starts talking to the crying Aaron. This is the sixth time I cry. But I'm a little miffed about that, which I'll address in my commentary. Can't do it now, because here's Desmond -- coming to retrieve Kate and send her on Mission Impossible: Wake-Up-Jack.

Islandways; Jungle: The storm is in high-gear now. The earthquakes come fast and furious. Ben, bless him, saves Hurley from a falling tree, only to be pinned under it, himself.

Glow Cave Exterior: Jack wakes and runs back in the still red cave, hollering down into the Tubeyhole for Desmond, but when he pulls on the rope, he realizes Desmond's no longer tethered to it. He exits, and takes off in the pouring rain.

Jungle: Sawyer, Hurley and Kate struggle to free Ben. When there's yet another earthquake, Kate asks what's happening. Sawyer: "I'll tell you what's happening. Locke was right. This island's going down." Just then, Miles makes contact with them on the walkie. Kate asks if he's with Claire. Over on Hydra, which is also being rocked with the quake, Miles says, "She's here, but she doesn't want to come with us." He then explains that Frank is trying to repair the plane so they can take off. When Miles asks how long he needs, Frank says five or six hours. Richard looks around at the crumbling island. "You've got maybe...one." Miles yells into the walkie: "Get your asses over here. We're leaving in an hour." Back in the main island jungle, Sawyer says his penultimate "Son of a bitch." And then: "How the hell are we supposed to get over there?" Ben: "I know how we can get there." I think he's going to bargain for his own rescue before telling them, but he comes right out with it. "Locke has a boat." Saving Hurley at your own expense and then speaking the truth without a beating? Bravo, Ben. Bravo.

Jacob's Cliff: Faucke stands on the cliff in the downpour. He's just about to descend Jacob's ladder and swim for the waiting Elizabeth, when Jack appears screaming, "LOCKE!" Instead of diving into the water and swimming for the boat, he draws his knife, again, and charges at Jack who has the high-ground advantage. Jack runs toward his assailant and does a Matrix-y leap right into...COMMERCIAL.

After the break, we get to see the leap from a different angle. It's far less Matrix-y and less cool, this time, but it sends both Jack and Faucke a-tumbling. I am not your action recapper, but Jack gets in a good punch, crotch-kick, and headlock, before Faucke dishes out any real punishment. The men end up on the ground. Poor John Locke, even when his corpse has been taken over by a Smoke Monster, he's a perpetual bottom. The knife goes flying somewhere in there. A wide shot during another earthquake reveals a chunk of the cliff crumbling into the ocean. As Jack chokes him, Faucke grabs his knife and stabs Jack right in the appendectomy scar, knocks him off, and straddles him. The wee Faucke who has been lurking under my couch for two seasons pops out. Who's a 'bottom' now? Since he's currently mortal, I pick him up, snap his wee neck and flush him down the toilet. Buh bye.

Meanwhile, back on the Island, Faucke tries to stab Jack in the neck. Jack grabs his arm, and prevents the plunge, but not the NECK NICK! Jack struggles for his life, while Faucke gloats like a Batman villain. "I want you to know, Jack, you died for nothing." As more blood seeps from Jack's neck, a shot rings out and Faucke topples over. Up above is none other than my girl Kate, snarling to put the Grrr in girl. "I saved you a bullet!" Hee. Faucke, precipitously close to the edge, tries to lift himself up. There's another earthquake. Faucke looks up. "You're too late." Jack rolls his eyes and kicks the faucker right off the cliff. Faucke smashes into the cliff face and lands on a rock shelf below. Dead. YAY!

Sideways; St Sebastian's: As a post-op Locke is returned to his room, a nurse congratulates Dr. Shephard on his good work, but then asks: "What happened to your neck?" Jack checks the spot that's been troubling him since his flight on Oceanic 815 and discovers it's bleeding again. Jack: It's faucked. "Damn it."

Locke's room: Jack tells the nurse that he's going to grab a shower and try to catch the end of the concert, but she notices Locke is waking up. She says this all disturbed-like, which annoys me, because when you have surgery, they wake you in the recovery room, long before they bring you back to your room. I realize the point is to get Jack alone with Locke, but there are a million other ways to do that, including Jack just stopping by after surgery to follow up with a patient who was first an acquaintance. (Sorry, my oldest just had surgery days ago, so this stuff is on my mind.) Jack then employs the highly technical skill of calling Locke's name to fully wake him, even though he stayed behind because it was of some concern that he was waking so soon. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Darlton? Was this scene written after an all-night kegger?

When Locke opens his eyes, Jack reminds him he just had major surgery, so he should relax (you know, like he was doing when he was asleep) and try not to move. Groggy, Locke says, "It worked." Per Jack, surgery went well, but it's too soon to tell. Locke interrupts to insist it worked. "I can feel my legs." When Jack tries to explain how unlikely that is, Locke wiggles his toes in response, and lets out a soft whoa. Jack lifts the sheet to see what's going on, so Locke wiggles his bare, left foot. While Jack is perplexed and pleased, Locke is in the middle of his epiphany. He flashes back to the first time he saw his Gold-Toe clad feet wiggling on the Island. Locke's flashbacks: Creepy orange-peel smile. Teaching Walt to throw a knife. Reveling in the rain with Boone by his side. Facing Smokey.

In the present, John moans and asks Jack: "Did you see that?" Jack: "See what?" Locke's face collapses into one of those smiley cries. He shakes his head. "You don't remember?" Jack then flashes to the memory Faucke tried to evoke, Islandways: Jack and Locke looking down into the hatch for the first time. Back in the present, Jack shakes it off and tells Locke to relax, but Locke insists they need to go. Jack reminds him he just had extensive surgery. Locke gives him a thousand watt smile, which just makes Jack uneasier. Jack starts out. "I need to go see my son." Locke (confused): "You don't have a son." Dammit, I knew that kid was going to disappear. Jack stops at the doorway. "What?" Locke: "You don't have a son, Jack." They're interrupted by the nurse. Jack takes this opportunity to flee, asking her to give Locke something to help him rest. Before he leaves, Locke calls out to him. "Jack! I hope that somebody does for you -- what you just did for me." Jack stares until his eyes fill with Jears. Locke's eyes are shining too, nearly as bright as his smile. Commercial.

Islandways; Cliff: It's sunny as Kate helps Jack to his feet and away from the edge of the cliff. When he falls, she sees his gut wound. "Jack!" He's all tough. "I'm fine. Find me some thread and I can count to five." Kate tries to laugh, but doesn't quite succeed. It doesn't matter, because the cavalry is here. ["Cavalry's a frightened guy with a rock, but it's here." -- Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14Next





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